The Battleground by Uyi Iredia


Nature is a battle ground,
where men are beasts looking for a meal,
they would even take you to steal,
cut you pieces and sell off for a bit,
that heart of yours can save a life,
somebody somewhere could use your eyes,
and your kidneys can ease a man’s great pain,
don’t take your body’s value in vain,



A Short, Sweet Kill [Short Story]


here’s the concrete jungle you navigate,
that why teachers you did educate,
but it takes a while to know the cost,
how much it took to make that book,
and you’ll need a whole lot of street smarts,
people, they are fiery darts,
consume you to satisfy their wants,
leave you ashen when nothing gives,

the lion, sheep, foxes and doves,
each plays their part under the sun,
the lion goes hard after its want,
the sheep must suffer being the meat,
foxes with guile, they live to steal,
and gentle doves know to fly when comes the rain,
evade and avoid so you don’t be slain,
being each in its own way tasks your brain,

humans can be so unforgiving,
because of greed what are we turning in,
our conscience we mercilessly killing,
fortitude and patience we are foregoing,
true strength of a man is what’s left standing,
when he has been stripped of everything,
but in this life of daily battling,
there’s little room for pure giving,

I wonder how tyrants keep rising,
and the people keep on working,
with the soldiers never rebelling,
men are ant colonies worth studying,
how do a few conquer the lot,
because of fear they know they got,
and greed to fetch them for a price,
they’ll turn into your willing mice,

how man has made himself into a moose,
conquering Nature but not his mind,
making science while religion fails,
advancing tech while inner peace fades,
more helping us brings more to do,
because this Nature seeks no content,
and wildlife are being spent,
beauty forever lost, an unknown dent,

there’s always more outside to ponder,
and we must look around with wonder,
how we are yet to control thunder,
the simplest atom we don’t yet master,
so many an interwoven puzzle,
they would get you in a tizzle,
we know the universe we cannot muzzle,
in the end the experience, man, will fizzle,

look upon this great battle ground,
10 billion and one corpses spread around,
fight your own even if it ain’t for the top,
fight for you gats play your role,
fight cause you get this once chance,
fight cause your bones still have fire in them,
and remember this as you fight the battle,
this is a lesson we are being taught.

© Uyi Iredia



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