Rt. Hon. Festus Ovie Agas: No Birthday wish from the depth of one’s heart is belated

Rt. Hon. Festus Ovie Agas: No Birthday wish from the depth of one’s heart is belated

Chief Francis Omochovwen Arhiyor

A time to come and a time to go are the only two entry and exit of one’s existence.

Recently, the whole good world celebrated one of the finest politicians of our time with praises and songs of hype and thanks. Friends and political associates have said his world is worth emulating as it bears the semblance of our past heroes and legends in the political course of this nation. His name is Rt. Hon. Festus Ovie Agas, the Secretary to the Delta State Government. Hon Agas’ strength from within carries shoulder-higher rays of hope for the living. His birth counts the world lucky for without him and his helpful attitudes, many who come in contact with him would be half complete. The world would be without head. This is a good head giving this part of this world great foresight.

Responsibilities which many do not know how to manage, this good elegant hand manages with his cheerfully. The way he has been manoeuvring his ways has been astounding and commanding ‘bravo bravo!’ from learners. Let’s look at him from this perspective the more being critical to extol. The massive electoral advantage enjoyed by the ruling party in 2015 was to his credit. He was the Director General of the Okowa/Utuaro Governorship/Deputy Govonership Campaign Organization. He knows not everything as anybody and in other to be duly responsibly committed to his course; thus, he made room for acolytes and other competent minds to help in stirring his affairs. This he had done out of utter humility and the urge to serve the masses. Hence the masses took to the social media to say Happy Birthday to our SSG with good wishes coming out from their mouths sourced in their thoughts.

It is in light of the above in unison I congratulate a lawyer of fine repute and a high class lawmaker. An educated fellow whose activities compel other educated people to crave for knowledge from his successes and understanding of his uncommon kind of wit.

The people of Ughelli North LGA, my mother’s place of birth know they have been favoured by the birth of an achiever. They understand in comparison with other lands, Hon Festus Agas would never turn his back on his own as other might do. I mean, he has utter passion and true love for his people and these shall only mean something when put into practice. As a man of a political experience and politic in habitude, he is very full orchestrations to yield good proceeds for all and sundry. Yes, it has always been for all and sundry not for his own end by extension.

Happy birthday Barrister, Secretary to State Government (SSG) and warrior of our time. May the father of the spirit of mankind shield your course and let your wishes in art of politics and the like yield fruition continually. Blessing of the Father, the only Son and the shining Holy Ghost. For in praises lies aces — praise and you shall be praised and lifted high. You are the champion. Go and win again with your Principal, Gov Ifeanyi Okowa in 2019 and make us much more happy, the sons and daughters of this soil.

Happy belated birthday Sir!

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