Power Needs by Uyi Iredia

Power needs love to sway it from inhumanity,

Power needs humility, that way it’s unassuming,
Power needs democracy, otherwise it’s autocracy,
Power needs the law, from whence it gets its structure,
Power needs the media, they tell us its legacy,
Power needs lies when desperately not yet had,
Power needs weapons to help dictatorship,
Power rests in the few who control the many,
Power heeds good advice so it achieves prosperity,
Power needs friends otherwise it’s depressing,
Power demands responsibility otherwise it’s abused,
Power with religion is a volatile mixture,
too much experience tells us that’s a bad future,
Power with madness is a recipe for disaster,
Power needs self-control, otherwise it’s untethered,
dancing to and fro, to the whims of selfish men,
Power recognizes God its source, it needs that reminder,
Power needs the truth so it roots out corruption,
Power that is partisan always guarantees friction,
Power tests your mettle, so your spirit needs be settled,
Power needs a man, whose strength beats beneath his breasts,
Power needs a woman, their support and their loving,
Power needs a soul otherwise it is not yet made whole,
Power for the youth, for they are your tomorrow,
give them power now while you are here to guide them,
Power needs the people, otherwise it is nothing,
Power you can have, but know it’s not everything,
For power without wisdom is a song of great suffering.

© Uyi Iredia

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