FACE OF PENGICIAN & WIDESTFORUM [February, 2018] Contestant Attamah .C. Amarachi


This is
Attamah .C. Amarachi, a Broadcaster, Performing Poet, Author of four literary titles & A Culture Advocate.

Do you want her to be the FACE of PENGICIAN & WIDESTFORUM?

Vote for Her.
VOTE by dropping a COMMENT on her photo on the Page.

N.B: No spam comment(s), because they would be deleted before results are announced.

>>Those mention(ed) who are yet to LIKE the PAGE should do so before their comments & mentions.
Mention your FRIENDS below your Photo. They can mention their friends that will in turn mention others in an effort to go home with the highest number of COMMENTS.
>>>VOTING period: Monday, 12th February 2018 through Friday 16th, February 2018.



Go to Facebook and Search: Pengician & Widestforum

>>>Good luck!
#Widestforum #Pengician
>>>Monitor: Goodnews Andrew Eruemuare (SIR A-ONE)

PS: You want to be a contestant for the next face of Pengician & Widestforum?
Just Google, Bing, or Yahoo: FACE OF PENGICIAN & WIDESTFORUM or
>>>to get the full details of what is required. ///

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