Women beg to go topless in public

In a case that hinges on freedom of expression and equality against public decency, three women are challenging a New Hampshire city ordinance prohibiting public nudity and taking it to the state’s highest court.
Heidi Lilley, Kia Sinclair and Ginger Pierro were ticketed in 2016 in Laconia after they went topless at Weirs Beach over Memorial Day weekend. Pierro was doing yoga, while the other two were sunbathing.
Some beachgoers complained and a police officer asked them to cover up. When they refused, they were arrested.
A legal motion to dismiss a case against the women was denied, so they have appealed it to the New Hampshire Supreme Court, which is expected to hear the case February 1.
The women want to the court to dismiss their conviction by invalidating the city’s ordinance.
The three women argue there’s no state law forbidding female toplessness and that the ordinance is discriminatory since men are allowed to go shirtless.
Source: PunchNg.con

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