This is a platform that beams its spotlight on Facebookers.

Two persons are selected and their brief biographies and photos carefully inserted on a poster by the Page: PENGICIAN & WIDESTFORUM. A duration of time is set for both persons to pull in COMMENTS under their own photo uploaded on the page for this purpose.
At the end of the time frame, the person with the highest number of COMMENTS under his/her photo becomes the WINNER!

The PAGE in a special way recognized such a fellow alongside the second person.

There is no fixed award/prize for this. The award/prize is usually determined by the Page as a result of the reactions under each person’s photo.

One good thing about this: “No loser”. Both of them usually go home with ‘something’ courtesy of the Page.

Requirement: A studio picture from the Personality the spotlight will illuminate is required. Nevertheless, any photo the personality deems fit is okay by the Page.

The maiden edition was in February 2018.

👉RULE: THOSE mention(ed) who are yet to LIKE the PAGE should DO SO before their comments & mentions.
Mention your FRIENDS below your Photo. They can mention their friends that will in turn mention others in an effort to go home with the highest number of COMMENTS.

To be eligible for this:
Kindly send a Direct Message (DM) on the Page, PENGICIAN & WIDESTFORUM:
And a smart response await you after a check is run on your profile to see if you’re eligible or not.
The Page can in turn pick personalities they have monitored their popularity on Facebook to run for this even without them chatting up the page to be on the SPOTLIGHT.

The Page, PENGICIAN & WIDESTFORUM is a page that covers: news, entertainment, video, music, buying & selling of e-books, comedy, education, research, profile, blogging, technology, science etc. It is run by & websites.


>>>> Winner automatically becomes
for a period of time.

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