I decided to publicize this after series of encounter with some helpless and devastated schools applicants, particularly the applicants of Direct Entry (DE) after been disappointed severally in their admission pursuits. Its an unarguable fact that time and tide wait for no one, but Sometimes all we need to scale through the hurdles of life is just a faith in God. Is so painful when we allow petty issues that are less  importance to disturb or weigh us down. You applied and was not admitted does not mean you don’t deserve it; it simply means God have a different or more better one in store for you or that, you seek wouldn’t lead to fruition. No one is too late for a particular purpose. God delay is not God denial. Here is a very heart touching story of a very ambitious Othman who was determined to become a medical doctor. The University of Ibadan (UI) admission was released and Othman was luck to be offered medicine and surgery, been his future ambition of becoming medical doctor, he was so overwhelmed with happiness. He was so excited as he filled his room with sounds of music. The echo was heard by his mum who went to check on him

“Othman you still awake? Now turn this off and get some sleep.” She ordered him. The following morning, she went to check on him as she couldn’t see him coming out for breakfast. Guess what? She found him lying facing the bed lifelessly. And that was how his dream of becoming a medical doctor was cut short with the cruelty of death.
There is hope as long as you live. Please do not be a prisoner of yourself. Like I said, no one is too late for a particular purpose in life. If you think you’re dying of loneliness or boredom why not find something doing just to while away time. Why not Surround yourself with positive people. Do not feel reluctant in taking up odd Jobs because the moment you become isolated, then you start having weird and negative thoughts. You start having ill feelings toward some negative imaginations. And the bad thing about anxiety is that it doesn’t only makes you sad but also affect you physically and mentally. The one that amazed me most was when a vibrant mate told me “if am not luck in securing admission this time around, I’m quitting school for business.” I was shocked…yes I was shocked because I never expected such words from an intelligent and charismatic young man like him. Though its sad to be disappointed after making several attempts but quitting is never the solution, for I believe not getting it is a way God is saying is not yet time. The moment you give up to accept defeat then you’ll forever remain a loser and a coward “the surest way to hurt yourself is to give up on what you believed in, just because it didn’t work out the first place.”Amanda Howells


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