One would want to ask how the Nigeria National Flag came about. You would want to know what actually brought about the GREEN -WHITE-GREEN.

I tried to dig down history and found some very interesting things about the flag and the designer.

Michael Taiwo Akinwunmu was said to have designed the NIGERIA NATIONAL FLAG in 1959.
We were only taught dates and not the history.
It would interest you to know that Taiwo Akinwunmi was 25yrs old when he designed the Nigeria Flag.

Akinwunmi who was a student at Norwich Technical College, saw an advertisement by the Nigeria High Commission for a contest to design the Nigerian National Flag.

He saw the Newspaper in his school library and followed every details in it for submission.

Akinwunmi sent a THREE BLOC GREEN-WHITE-GREEN design. He added an image of SUN on the White part.

As at the time he sent his entry to the Independence Office in Lagos he was one of the 2,870 contestants that applied.

Of all the applicants, Akinwunmi’s design was chosen.

But the organizers said they preferred the design without the SUN, so they removed it. After which they Informed him that his work has been chosen as the National Symbol for the then yet to be Independent Nigeria.

Was He Paid?
Taiwo Akinwunmi was given the prize by the British Official, which was 100 pounds sterling and a souvenir but the Leaders of the then Nigeria have had nothing to do with him. (Olorunyomi 2011).
Even till now, only history bring back his name.

Why The Green and White Color?

You need to know that Taiwo Akinwunmi was an indigene of OWU in present day Ogun State. He loves agriculture even though he was a civil servant.

He proceeded to study Agricultural Engineering in Norwich. This was what gave him Intuition on the GREEN WHITE GREEN design.

Personally, I know as an agric person that every cultivation needs sunlight. So that must have given birth go the ray of sun that was removed by the British Officials.

I hope we shall one day move away from Historical Dates and Learn from History itself.

And I hope someone would have gained something. Don’t hoard it, share it.

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