Aye, let me let go what I let in
What, leave that and flutter into that filthy gutter
Hit it,
Heat it
Eat it
It’s your favourite sweet salad
What! Aye, let me look for a shining shoe
I have got to put on a pretty pinafore
Curveteous sweather with a head cap heading for cold weather
I have got to have this done
Are you insane?
I meant done not don
You, a don?
Pounce and flip into that gutter who willed you a willing will?
Who dares give a grudging gut?
Now, trust and thrust
Sir yes sir
I am therein what’s the next step this hour?
Dig in the filth and feel satisfied
Ah! But the worms The sticky spittles
The long dead chicks
The ants matching flappily
The songs of the splashing water from that side that stink
The kids buttock being washed therein
The haggard head throwing in their brushing sticks
Hens and chicks picking feeds
The urine passing out of that passing preacher
And that?
And this?
And those?
And these?
You’ve got to bequeath upon another choice please
Won’t even give an alternative lummox
Attentive oaf, those are magi to add to the dish’s delicacy
Munch that filthy
Gutter you mad man
Munch it we’ve gut lot’s of delinquency to bring to life
Who shall incarcerate us, with a knife?
No, not lots of luck but lots of laugh
Don’t make me laugh
Yeah, do it
I am doing it
Hey! Those escaping worms musn’t escape
If so, your tool I must scrape
You dirty-headed ape
Do it
I am doing it
Ah! Compeer
They are watching me over there and here
And so what, don’t care
If I want, I may make you dead through that KIA
Continue gulping that fine lads decayed feaces
Gulp ’em all as in crates of coke and yawning of yawed youghurts
Do this vaster I need you to be hale
Or would you want a dark ale?
What the…
I choose for you, I give you fate
Break that plate
Quintessence, the last time you brush your teeth
Was the last time you didn’t
Now, Eighty-eight
Wake up
Jab up
Look not the eyes of anyone
Mind you you are the one
You aren’t mad
You are the best one
You aren’t mad they are all mad
Aye, see, see that cute cab
Break its side mirrors
Deflate its new tyres
Blast of its winking windscreen
None would dare screech that you’d sin
It’s you that are always right
They are all wrong, so left
You, you are right right
Yes, that yew, cut it and munch it down
Sweet, they are
Take it as your popsicle
Roger roger
Done and it’s really of savour and exquistely sweet
I would love to die more of the same death
No, continue your fluttery-hobblings
Aye, slap that curveteous belle
Touch her bulbous bag and smile
She would run away cos she knows you are gorgeous
Don’t entertake being nervous
You are the best, remember?
I am going
Ah! Done
It was interesting, the bags branched into my hands as of foam
It was soft and pretty round
Yes, you enjoyed that
O that’s very evident.
Yes, sopor a bit
No more bite
Relax and be free
Now is your break time
Locomoting shall loco in a few minutes
Enjoy your lucidity lump
Get seated up
Get down up
Beg for many money
Request for paper money
Any with a coin give a dirty nock
You’ve got to smoke
Beneath that dock in an incoming clock
Contort your countenance naught
Take on sobreithy sobriquet by smilling silently
They shall favour thee
Humans do pity
You see
They are pitying and pushing to you big money
Humans are mad you aren’t
You are the best
A coin?
Chase him
Run after ’em
Take a stone
Haul ’em at ’em
delet hesitation
Here is your station
Baul like a lion
Squeeze ’em like a famished boa
Devour ’em like a dying Dino
Treat ’em devoid of respect
I won’t
You won’t?
Aye, I won’t
What, how dare you!
How dare you mutter nah or snooze
From your back, ooze
Blood now
Cut yourself now
Cut it I command thee now
Do it now and kowtow like a crying cow
Do it and never flout my commands again mad man
Yes, do it mad man
I am doing it
Yes, let the blood match out
Yes, gulp it
It’s your blood, gulp it
It’s taste is tasty taste it
Now never hate
You should’ve known me better afore this date
When irked, I may spur you to fall off that bridge
When you are dead
I am just going to pounce out and
Embrace a fresher body
That’s the culture and we’re for ever steady
Put off your cloth and dance Azonto
Didn’t you hear that info
That music sang by Davido
Dance to it in Azonto nay to tango
In abject nude
With your curved cock jumping up and down
Do this to chase away guys and damsels in gown
Dance like a dead man chasing a fiendish gost
Dance from here to Lagos’ coast
Don’t hesitate
In fact
Only Heaven can free your mind from my shackles
Mad man
Remember mad man
You aren’t a mad man
You are just a merry man
All those over there are those that had gone loco
Mad man
You aren’t mad
You are just out of your mind.

by Jodekss


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