Love from Antarctic by Jodekss CHAPTER FOUR


‘There would be A change in things please…’ she said somberly at the board meeting. She cheeked out the reactions of everyone and noted relunctancy…
‘But why would there be one?’ One seated right next to her asked out of curiosity.
‘Alright, from the reactions of everyone, I could see you wanna ask the same thing or something similar. You may get your answer before we depart. You’ve all got to know yet, it is all for good. So, let’s get busy people.’

Gerri Wilder was available too and would have to go with them in the excursion. As they took off in the States for Arctic, the thought of a line in a poem whose author she could not recollect immediately popped up in her head – ‘…cold coming…we heard of it…’ she said right in her right mind, this time, the cold is not coming, we are the ones coming to the cold. Isn’t it so!?

They touched down at past 2.00AM. They came down one after the other to get their many excursion props and they were on thick-fluffy wears. As the airport located in the municipality of Rana in Nordland, Norway, just south of the Arctic Circle was not their final destination, they had to leave for the hinterland where the businesses lie, and they would have no choice but to cut through the cold forest and to get there. Through it, antelopes and plenty other bush meats gallop in sturdy paces as their jeeps honk through the cold forest. It looked amazing, natural and picturesque. Even the buzzing of their zoom-zoom shattered the airs as well as they wake scanner birds to begin to chirp to check…

‘Here we are guys, let’s go and have some fun. Barbara… You don’t forget what we discussed.’ Said Wilder. As she was busy appreciating the handiworks of nature in the sky, she nodded in agreement. ‘Nooooo no, Barbara, I need your head down here, look me in the eye and tell me you understand now,’ she said directly. She did likewise, and they left in 5 4×4’s in procession cutting through the woods to where the recreational activities would be taken charge –the surface purpose for their coming around in the first place, the primary cut had been discussed with Barbara. She had told her when they were aboard the airplane; she would be linked with the the strongest warrior at the settlement when the occasion calls for that.
As they continued to cut across the climate of the atmosphere and through the tick forest, the glowing selves of the colorful wonders plaited in the clouds were busy showing off there conspicuous dynamics. Deep down others, Barbara appeared to be the happiest about the idea of the location as she had promised herself right from or after the time she had listened to many related stories –adventurous –besides, the kind of climate complementing them which she could see and admire just then. She kept smiling over and over as she was seeing the works of frost on the brooks and rivers they had passed by. She could hear foxes howl out loud deep down in the forest on that current part. All these and even other light birds that chirped around the horizon amazed her the more. Even things that ought not to mean anything meant a lot to her right there in the truck as she was seated right in between co-workers who had come for the excursion. One of them who had been looking at her and how she kept expressing her amazement who was an Africa-American said that, ‘Barbara, is this your first time… it certainly has to be!’ She smiled, and as she did, frosty smoke walked slowly out of her round mouth out into the air and it faded almost immediately. As they galloped into one pothole along the same course, she saw the peak of the pointed mountain loaded up with ice and all that. Instantaneously, she felt like to be on top of it and skate down it. She corrected herself in the head and said that was way too crazy to imagine. She took her own mind away from that and began to concentrate on their short trip which they were embarking.
‘Are we close now?’ she asked curiously. Her mind was already on the ground as she was ready to engage in adventures of the Arctic. As she was feeling this way, she recollected her discursive engagement with Wilder. She looked back at her face from, the driver’s side. She paused a bit and continued to feel on top of the Arctic in spite of Wilder’s concealed facial expression.
After few hours they came down, but as they alighted immediately, Wilder called on Barbara to show up right close to the door –at the driver’s side.
‘The location of the tundra is nor’-nor’-west– you shall be given the exact coordinate and all the necessary things you would need to get there, and specifically ‘there’ I mean now and not elsewhere. She was busy rubbing her two hands together for friction in spite the fact that she was wearing gloves and was covered well with a very thick, girlish head warmer with super girls drawn to its fore pinkishly. As she rubs the hands, she put them both up to her mouth to warm it with the self induced breath from her mouth as if that would change a thing in frigid location. ‘Alright! I got that. But when are you linking me up and when are you leaving?’ Barbara inquired.
‘I’d relate with you before I go and I should leave in five days’ she responded. They walked in procession, slowly, after they had packed close to the settlement there. The people there were few thousands. Each building and houses were covered up in ice all through and the lights –the colourful globes put up outside gave a glowing reflection appealing to the senses through the fogy snowy impressions everywhere through the hands of nature. They approached them, and they were all taken in as tourists and scientists with high-rated regards.
The chief there whose only son was away in the bush came out to receive them officially. It later occurred to Barbara as each scene unfolded one after the other that this would not be the first time of some of them there there was only variation based on the timely factor of employements with their employees.
The old man said that ‘welcome here, again. After how many years now, Wilder?’
She replied, ‘I suppose’ Wilder, ‘Seven.’
Barbara was surprised of why they had kept that off record this far. She began with the agency half a decade ago, but she. Wilder, was already older and drawing closer to her 40 years of age! She began to be anxious about two things at the same time. She wanted to know if she was safe in the agency [as she hated secrets] she had been arduously committed to their establishment for years.
She began to fidget in her heart if where they had come to would be safe for everyone and she herself as well. However, the adventurous activities she had been longing for was right there at the tip of her hands. Even the knowledge and the aspiration of that alone gladdened her immensely. She was in privy introduced to the chief whose son was away in the bush haunting down forest beasts. It was his construct and the respects people show him. Side chats from his colleagues educated her on his son to come and was already half-fallen for him. It was all kind of odd but astounding to her.

‘I am old now. I am beginning to think it is time I announced the person coming after me. I thank my wife — may her soul rest in peace — I thank her for giving me a son.’ Said the old chief.
He endorsed his son as his alpha but on the inside, as at the time, he made the announcement to everyone’s listening ears, he was still indecisive even about his locomotion to everyone.

To be continued…

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