Jodekss Gloatkenf Playing with words [Pun]

Savage sight steely seat of gold yet
With slimy ogrish fame of set
Confusing a personality’s a chameleon shit
Concluding as per his speciality via his feet
So he’s as good as a god in muse with pen
And there is no ruse in that, verified from ten
No pause in his wit with his with which he weaves with brain
But stabilizes not is his emotion, he grows long like train
Short now like an ant cut into segments yet
Next alive like rainbows rested on horizon’s net
Causing playing kids to wear nothing, they want to bath or bathe
As queens, princesses poke themselves opening their laps lovingly
[Even as they bathe
As they bathe
They bathe
Continue now
You’re getting me now
Continue to read this now]
Pampering lustful joys within, “want this bard,” they said really
Has all he the ethics of surprise in his literal dock
Perfection in precision but here is tho’ the bulwark
Writers generally in their simplex selves are ever unfortunately mixed
Inconsistent like NEPA who never remain beautifully fixed.
Jan/7/2018 1:28 PM

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