I Purchased A Slap

  • I Purchased just a slap but, i was given thousands of it.


Yusuf BM: Siiiiii Going!

Going: Where?

Yusuf BM: Kpakungu after roundabout. How much?

Going: Na #150

Yusuf BM: (Sat immediately) i go pay #100

Going: (He didn’t say anything )

* * * * * *

We got there and i gave him #100


Going: U dey craze, i said #150

Yusuf BM : But i said i will pay #100

Going: Werey! When u talk i talk neh

Yusuf BM: Oga u dey mad

Slapping Sounds: (Kpat Kpat Kpat Kpit)

My eyes begun to read stars, i couldn’t sight anything again. What i just heard is that. “Don’t you know am a soldier, u think say na piss i dey piss for tank” and some chorus words like ” Oga sorry sir. Brother stand up”.

That’s how i miraculously saw myself lying down on the hospital bed with a drip. And a man sitting beside me just screamed

“Thank God o! U don wake up.. i think say u don kpeme o. Broda no be small drip u don take o. You took twenty”. I fainted again.

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