How To Create A Blog On Blogger

Blogger is a content management software owned by google. It offers a free blogging platform to everyone. What it means is that you don’t have to pay for hosting and that you can get a free ‘’ domain name. Its simple, unique and easy to use. So if you are ready to begin your blogging journey, you need to sign up for blogger now.

Blogger makes use of a Google account and if you don’t already have one (which i totally doubt), then you need to create an account.


Creating A Blog

Head on to Blogger and sign up. A dialogue box will come up, asking you to sign into your google account. Just insert your details and create account.



Next, create a blog. A dialogue box will come up and you needed to fill that. Insert desired blog name, URL that ends with a (we will learn about custom domain later). Pick a theme, anyone at all. You can change it later the blog is created. After you are done, click create. Google automatically sets up your blog.

Once its all done, your screen will look like this.


Interesting huh? Well let’s do something more fun.


Creating A New Blog Post


To start blogging, click on new post just at the top of the page on the ‘posts’ tab. You will be directed to a new page to edit your first blog post. The editor is just like any standard word editor and you can include pictures, videos, links, format text and more. So start typing already.


Once you are done typing, you can choose to make some changes to the link structure, post snippet, etc. At the right side of the blog, you will find a menu with all these options. Click on the link option to see how your post URL will look like once its published. If you wish, edit it or otherwise leave the automatically calculated link URL that way. Note that once the post is published, the link cannot be edited.

The search description option let’s you add some words that would serve as your post snippet and this would be displayed in search engines. There is a words limit for this so take note.

The labels option allows you to add a label or category to your post. Put a category name in the box and save. Note that you can put more than one label here, all separated by a ‘comma’.




Ready to make your first blog post go live on the net? That’s right, just click the publish bottom on top right corner of the page. The post is saved and published on the net.


Before publishing however, you can choose to preview your post, just so you know how it will turn out. Click the preview option just at the top right corner of the page.

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