[Free Call Cards/Recharge Cards] The Sardonic Game

The Sardonic Game <<<Winners will be announced Saturday 06.01.2018>>>
👉Tag someone and Ask them an Unexpected or Sardonic/Ridiculous Question.
At the END being Saturday, 6th January 2018 the MOST Unexpected & Sardonic Questions & Answers (Replies) will receive AIRTIME from us.
>Where are the funny writers, humorists, comedians etc?
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Some of our Free Airtime Winners in previous Airtime Give away from the Page:

FULL LIST of last winners:
Day 1 [19.12.2017] Winners:
1. Pweety Faith
2. Abiodun Adeyemi
3. Olowolagba Tahir Ayodeji O’Seun
4. Celine James Jewel
Day 2 [20.12.2017] Winners:
5. Etudaye Musa Abdulazeez
6. Elizabeth Dada
7. Omowaye Sunday Joshua
8. Deayomi Shade
9. Biokpo Joshua West
Day 3 [21.12.2017] Winners:
10. Jodekss Gloatkenf
11. Owolabi Bukola Adebola
12. Author Kelly Juuz
13. Olayinka Beatrice Olanike
14. Fola Frank Banire
15. Ololade Durojaye
Day 4 [22.12.2017] Winners:
16. Odunayo Makinde
17. Egharevba Terrific Terry
18. Priscilla Franklin Worika
19. Oyerinde Busola Olowolagba
20. Itz Kween Herbiedoye
21. Martha Betty Abel
Day 5 [23.12.2017]
22. Omo Baba Frydey
23. Abimbola Lilian Bello
24. Abienekpen Osa’etin
25. Ayodeji Gratias
Day 6 [24.12.2017] Winners:
26. Arowolo Oluwatoni Oluwakemi
27. Adebayo TitiMatthews
Day 7 [25.12.2017] Winners:
28. Carl Akinyeye
29. Enefola Precious



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