F**k Sex Dolls by Jodekss

Damn the devil and the ‘datchi waifu’
Maker is watching, catching baffle
Pining prick[ing], shaking cursing
Branding bigly, angels be gnashing

Dolls for training, kids into playing
By throwing and kicking
Knocking and bathing
Tying and weaving
Hairs by styling,
same through weaving
Wearing some shining, dirty or faintly
Some suit/skirt in the body, black or really…
Plausibly white, or possibly pants
have come and comely, disgustingly as:

Plastic or rubber, or like light latex
Sex robot is not new, it has… been being
With the French, French manufacturer Domax
Imitating humans unlike, like those petty being
Through silicone being, branding breasts big/ly
Privy parts pretty poor, damn done lubrication sickly
Packed with fancy vibration, skins skinny without hairs
No with hairs exactly, exactly hair with no
Nature is sad in this, and thus speaking sadly gloating:

Of welded vinyl, you paid the $75,000 for
Blow up doll you’ve got, you’re evil before for
What kids toy with with mud, but robot run errand
Your penis you have got into, inside without your rubber and
It vibrated you release, your pedophile rests yet?
You shag bunches of silicone glued, you’ll never know peace, bet
Can you feed the doll, your richly champagne
Or bear it to a dance ball, lisping together your costly Nail Ale?
Could you convenience a toy to conceive your beauty face back. No!?
Now what are your complaints so?

Pedophilic desires right?
Why don’t you shut your tight?
So ugly? Fine.
A man is never ugly, shine

The unelegant imitated shit that’d stink in sun
Nature’s wraths cuddle your fancies very rough
I curse your course and present it natural cuss of the sun
May the rays of his on lick off your essence from the Don
And shame shall your makers make next, because this is evil
No goodness lies in darkness except to hide evil
What fame lies in fake’s and fancies but more lies and evil!?
Sex robot is evil, and will increase immorality which is evil:
Rape rate race will gain increment in time(s) to come
Even without sex dolls, we already behave bare in big sum

Dolls belong to the kids, to play with only
Tho’ robots are might serve morality, to ease
Science of evil has hyped ’em, that feel holy
This least trend makes me unhappy, but what ’bout tomorrow’s biz?

©Jodekss 2018
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