112 Recruited, 493 Applicants Rejected in Flashme Batch B Screening

With the sole aim of eradicating poverty and reducing the rate of unemployment in West Africa, the Department of Human Resources Development of Flashmenews (DHRDF) had made it necessary to constantly enlarging its scope and reach, to accommodate constant and frequent recruitment. In effect to these aforementioned goals, DHRDF conducted an online interview twice in the month of December, last year, 2017. While the first interview was considered batch A,  the second interview was called batch B. The recruits of batch A has been callup (via their mails), three days after the interview day.


However, for the batch B, after a thorough and rigorous buildup, the recruitment processes (batch B) of the popular online newspapers/blog, FlashmeNews Agency, was conducted last week Saturday, December 30th, 2017. This was in consonance to the earlier preselected stage. The interview which was purely online was conducted on two social media platforms, Whatsapp and Skype.


Among the 605 applicants, only 303 were preselected with the indices of pre-selection criteria, as adherence to instructions were paramount. While 202 applicants were interviewed on special Whatsapp groups, 101 applicants were interviewed on Skype platform. It should be noted that they were categorized according to their decisions. Out of the 202 interviewed on Whatsapp, only 70 were successfully recruited, while 42 applicants on Skype medium made the final list. All applicants are hereby informed to check their emails to knowing their statuses.


More importantly, successful applicants are to submit the following details: a passport for their identity card alongside full name, bank account “details”, a registration user type, and prepare for an online two-day training on how to execute their various works. The aforementioned requests should be submitted on or before Wednesday, January 10th, 2018.


We seize this medium to wish successful applicants hearty congratulations, as well as telling everyone to await patiently for the next recruitment, which should be coming up around late January or mid February of 2018. God bless us.

source: www.flashmenews.com

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