Trouble upon trouble by Sammy (Prose)

Episode 1

It was exactly 4.00pm when Tunji woke from bed. He appeared wearied and somehow famished. He went straight to the fridge in the kitchen, picked some little junks to quench the hunger. After some minutes alone in the house, he heard a knock at the door. He went straight to the door, on opening the door, it was Sarah, the lady who sleeps around to make money and known as lady stripper. He was surprised on seeing her, though, they have been friends from high school but he could not understand her surprise visit.
“Wait, what are you doing here…?” Tunji asked, repeatedly but Sarah was not responsive. Suddenly, she slumped into Tunji’s hands. Tunji couldn’t know what to do. So, he took her inside and made sure she was breathing.

Exactly 7.00pm, she woke up while Tunji still did not know what she was up to. Tunji sat her down and started asking questioning her but she was only able to answer one question, “I need him”. On hearing this, this got Tunji furious. It’s been a decade they last saw. While in high school, they were into some sort of relationship but after some years, it seemed boring to them, so they broke up. Sarah was addicted to sex and this made her having sex with each guy she met.
Tunji looked helpless, he did not know what to do. His mum will soon be back from work and he was also expecting his friends coming for partying sake. Suddenly, a car honked at the gate, he was unsure who it was…

Episode 2

The car honking was not really that loud but it was heard consecutively. He knew the sound of his Mom’s car honk but her car broke down on her way to office in the morning. So, it might be one of her friends’ in the office who came to drop her. He went outside to see who it was. On getting to the gate, he looked through the small hole in the gate and noticed that it was his friends. He felt relaxed and calmed. He opened the gate and allow them in. It was Femi, Dolapo, Ayo, and Temi. These guys are ‘Yahoo’ guys who live exorbitantly and buys luxurious things mostly on net. They were prepared for the night, Friday night, a night they wouldn’t want to miss. After some greetings, Tunji explained what was happening and how scared he was. They all thought it was a joke and laughed at him. He became sober and shouted, “I am serious jọ!”
As at then, Sarah had been conscious and was really surprised seeing these guys. These are guys she had spent most of her lifetime having sex with, each of them on separate occasions. She moved closer to them to be sure of who they really were. “Femi, Temi, Dolapo, Ayo,” Sarah said. Tunji was confused and was looked disposed. “Don’t tell me that they have also ate out of your meal,” Tunji said. Sarah couldn’t talk because she knew her reputation worthless in his presence. A lady who had slept with five different guys who were friends on different occasions. The world was upside down on Sarah and she could not help the situations at hand. The friends of Tunji reacted indifferent and continued their indistinct chats beside their Toyota Camry, *Big for nothing*. Sarah was in isolation for some minutes before Tunji and Femi (Femo) walked closely to her. Femi was a decent guy while in high school but was influenced by his friends. But the trait of decency was seen in him because he was a sanguine. Femi and Tunji asked a lot of questions from her about her in currency. She was able to give some important details, her aunt’s address and her club house she where she used to sleep mostly. But Tunji was still confused on how she got his home address, but there was no much time to discuss that because it was already getting late. While in Tunji’s compound, his Mom voiced was heard greeting some people outside. Hitherto, he told his friends to be calm and stay cool because his Mom had warned him not to keep bad companies lest she goes ballistic or so. Mrs Amelia came into the compound and wondered who owned the car and who the people in her house were. Tunji rushed at her to greet her but the Mother was not really convenient at receiving his greetings. He knew he would see them and say “By the way, who are those?” You know how a typical Nigerian woman will do that with her hands waving like a standing fan. Tunji could not answer sharply and was stammering, as she asked just like that.
“The…..y a….re my fri…..en…ds.” he stammered. His Mom was surprised on hearing the tone of her Son. It has been a strenuous day for her and she could not just help it meeting some thrash at home. She walked inside her house. The friends were disappointed by the way the Mother treated them, and they all left. Tunji was frustrated and didn’t know what to do to Sarah. He couldn’t leave Sarah alone outside and he was just walking around scratching his head on utter confusion.

Episode 3

Jeopardy upon Jeopardy. Tunji has a recent issue of a girl who claims to be pregnant for him. Her name is Joke. A street girl, whose life is spent partying around with her friends. Tunji’s Mom has not heard about it and this has been a very big problem which he cannot tell his Mom. He told Joke to abort the *Belle*, but she insists after having four different abortions. Two for Tunji and the other two for an Agbero. Sarah was still in Tunji’s compound thinking about her life and Tunji was perplexed about his present situation. After some minutes of Mrs Amelia being alone inside, she called her son, “Tunji, won’t you come inside and tell me what’s going on”. Tunji did not know where to start from because he was even planning on telling her the girl he has impregnated. Now! Another issue has came up, his Mom meeting his Raz friends and Sarah at home. He went inside leaving Sarah alone outside. Who is that? His Mom asked. He could not talk. His Mom asked again. “Are you deaf? Who is that? Suddenly, Tunji developed a form of stammering style. “S…he w….as my.. hi….gh…sch…ool friend” he said. Anyways, won’t she go home don’t you know it’s getting late already. Tunji did not know how to tell her what’s going on. He has gone far thinking and didn’t know he ought to reply to his Mom. The Mom shouted at him, “Tunji! Didn’t you hear me?” Outrightly, as a guy, the vibe came and told his mom about what’s happening, about his friends she met and the girl Sarah, excluding the pregnant girl, joke. The Mom didn’t know what to do and was indifferent on how to handle the case. As a good and caring mother, she was sober and she called Sarah inside. The time clocks 9pm and makes a tickling sound. They all looked straight to the wall clock. The power supply was still on and after some minutes, Nepa took off the lights. As at now, the room was dark, they all moved outside the compound to discuss. While Mrs Amelia was talking to Sarah, some people were shouting outside and a woman’s voice was heard loudly, “where is the guy’s house that impregnated you? Can’t you talk?” Tunji was shivering. It was as if the world was upside-down down on him. Gban gban gban, this was the sound from Mrs Amelia’s gate…

Episode 4

Gban gban gban, *Ta lo wa ni ile yi oo* I don’t think people are staying in this compound oo, Mama Shalewa said. A voice was heard from the compound, pls, who are those…? *It’s ous oo, we from the 3rd strit and we’ve bring a case for you people that give our daughter Belle*. Her English was so bad that Mrs Amelia did not really understood what the woman was saying. Tunji, go and open the gate, Mrs Amelia said. Imagine how Tunji will be feeling now, if you were the one, what will you do? Tunji opened the gate and the old women rushed inside the beautiful house, like about 3 of them, one of which is Mama Shalewa, Mama Moria, and Mama Alata. Including the impregnated girl, Shalewa. Oya, *who give you Belle*? Mama Shalewa asked. All the women looking like a Stark illiterate. Mrs Amelia don’t even know where to start from but she tried clearing the ground. “Can I know what’s happening here?” she asked. ” *Well, we has not cum here to disturbing your peace but to come and go and verifi what ur pikin has done to our daughters. He done give our daughter Belle*Mrs Amelia could not fathom what she heard. “Tunji, who are these people and do you know them at all?” Mrs Amelia asked. Shalewa! *Shea o le soro ni?, Who give you Belle* “I don’t think it is this house oo”. Shalewa replied. The women were frustrated on hearing that and they felt embarrassed. They pleaded with Mrs Amelia, Tunji and Sarah that they met inside the compound. That night wasn’t really funny for Mrs Amelia. It was a day she can’t dare forget. Sarah was in isolation despite all the drama that was performed in the compound. After the women left, Mrs Amelia was too tired to eat. She talked to Sarah for a while and went inside. *”Sarah, won’t you follow me, let’s go and sleep, we will continue our discussion tomorrow. Thank God there is public holiday tomorrow”* Mrs Amelia said. They both went inside and Tunji locked the gate and also went inside to sleep. Before he could sleep that night, he was in deep thoughts about the bearing of his life.

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