the poor princess by Jodekss

As time passes my expectations go abaxial
in the mid of the mood – lib and being lift’d high
In the airs of relaxation and ecstatic laughing mouths
Chasin’ fine young legs on the sidewalks and thoroughfares I’ve learnt
Off the scolding air filling my lungs in a choking way
At midnights when my saviours are perhaps long and fast asleep on the outside
But I have been seeing seeing angels seeing me seeing ’em in their silhouettes tho’
Wadding up and down… like twirling tails of seas’ billow bellowing
Seas’ shores where fam., family, folks’ friends play with beaches’ dirt
There, where it has always been best to show and share emotions proper
compared to mine own times right from infancy lock’d like priceless prize from falling and breaking
apart from those young memories when I stand on my feet as my breasts were yet flat
But now abreast are breasts can mother but my views remain kept dock in the same wall unrelenting from falling
The sill still stays the same slight height keeping my eyes away from the fun
Meant for my heyday that will never come back to me once lost
I have just the blue skies above changing guards with the sun and the moon
And the birds, bats, hawks, eagles but more owls in fold haunting the nights
And the beauties I have for putting me behind those serial locks
No mirrors or colourless water to view yet, throughout all lighting clocks’ tick-tucks
They princess me that I am the Prince’s praised Princess with all formal coaching
If this would make ’em happy and feel golden
Then, the, world, must, be mad and lost it or stolen
of, her, only, sanity, as, “I, am, never, a, princess, but… another, poor… prison…”
© Jodekss ’17

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