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It all begins in San Francisco, in California, in the mid of autumn, when yellowness would grip tree leaves to fall gently, to litter and at the same time to beautify the faces of the tiled and untiled sidewalks. Henry is just another average man who is in search of a soulmate. Henry is one who has the constructs of the kind of woman he need right at the back of his mind and would always leave his apartment every morning hoping she happens somehow.
One day, as he walks the thoroughfare, just a stone’s throw to his abode, he collides, accidentally with a blonde young lady on high hills whose blue eyes are so enchanting. They look at each other in the eyes for few seconds and giggle and that is it. Chloe and Henry start to go out together later. Romantic relationships lead them to different settings of their choice. At a night, at her temporary apartment, he knocks, she is on her night gown. She smiles expectantly and allows him in. He admires her attractively and wows. As he cannot hold it down no more, he moves close enough to her, gently with his hands across the back to her neck. She looks readied and longing for it. They begin to kiss as his hand is already right around her clitoris as she is on no under wears. They cannot manage to get to her bed room. They move rolling on walls together kissing real hard with her rotund tits resting right on his head as he begins to kiss her bit by bit, down to her flat puss. It appears to her he is really good at it, she then opens her lap even wider for him to lick her the more. This continues to repeat itself in different locations at different times. They attend kinds of friends parties together and would spend nights at each other’s places at least, twice in a week having selfsame fun. After six months, Henry complains he is tired of his job. Chloe posits that they’d move to New York City where she originally lives. At work, Henry, as one of the staff, is invited to the dinner award and rendezvous of all staff to commend their efforts. Henry invites Chloe and she acquiesces with him. At the party, Henry who has yet known too little about Chloe finds out he is dating the bestselling and youngest female author in the States. He begins to go coquetry as her status is higher than his. He begins to lose it as he is not holding himself together.


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