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Robert Mugabe 4 Heart wrecking Quotes!



“NO woman gets an orgasm from shining the floor or washing dishes, My brother, give her what she needs and what she came for.”

Robert Mugabe


“In 2018 if you decide to go through your man’s phone, don’t check if he’s cheating just go to his banking app and send yourself money. Stop being stupid.”

Robert Mugabe


“Another simple way of asking for sex without
using the word sex is ” Baby Please delete your clothes i want to log in” ”

Robert Mugabe


“Anytime you see a girl shaking her buttocks while walking, just Know
she is going to her guy’s place.
How did I know??
because it’s written on syrup bottles
“shake well before use” ”
Wisdom will kill me one day.

Robert Mugabe

Robert Mugabe Quotes


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