Ore ni Mo se: what should I do now? – S. A. O. Sage


Yesterday, it rained cats & dogs, I was drenched like a babe that fell inside gutter without help😕… While taking my shelter under a pavilion, the rain continued as if it would never stop… The street became so empty but clouded and dazzling with the sound of rains… I decided to start pressing my iPhone, since you can’t find me without my iPhone.. While trying to pull out my iPhone, at a straight gaze I saw a “yellow pawpaw”, yellow like Fanta… Struggling with a pit of water, couldn’t cross the pit due to her very tight skirt… I wanted to laugh but laughter couldn’t come…

Hun uhm! She has been so beaten to stupor by the rain that everything behind became so transparent… Eyah, I said at my gaze. I wanted to make her a free TV show at least to entertain myself under the pavilion, but unfortunately she looked towards my direction and I couldn’t remember how I got to her, trying to assist her… Carried her like a mum cuddling her daughter against cold, she didn’t mind since we were both the only ones in the street, we crossed the pit while my iPhone almost fell, I kept it inside her purse to avoid being beaten to spoilage and we both moved towards my shelter (pavilion)… I gave her my khaki, while I was in underwear, yet she continued shivering, I almost gave her my singlet, when I couldn’t bear the sight of her shivering… But behold, that thought came and I raised it louder “common come nearer let me give you a hug” and she busted into laughter With an emphatic NO!… And I immediately changed the topic & she crept nearer sitting beside while her arms and her head leaned on my shoulder, listening to some gists that apparently fitted into the weather… We talked and gisted as if we had known each other much earlier… Low and behold the rain stopped and we moved down the street, while the gist continued, we got to a T junction where I was to go left & she was to go right, I followed right since it could also lead to my abode. After trekking some miles, we saw a bike man, bet she resisted taking the bike 😀… But again the weather became cloudy & seemed impregnated with more round of rain… Anxiously she mounted the bike without bargaining the price… And they rode off while I trekked down my house…

Now I got home only to realize her purse was still with me… Hmmm, I don’t know her house as we haven’t met before. I was the one doing the gist, I couldn’t remember to ask her where she stays… How do I get to her led me into opening her pulse 😕… I found some money & documents bet no address linked to her directly. This boggled my mind & became more complicated when I realized my small phone was still with her and there was no sim inside… Hun huun….

Remember #oreNiMoSe o😕… Wat should I do now?

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