Narcissus Me by Jodekss

The winds of love should come now I want to mount
The winds of love come with your wings I want to mount
The winds of love come waving your wings… let every mighty males
Feel the beating sounds of your flapping wings in beeping amorous tales
Lift me up high to meet the gods even Shall I by any means be shy to release my virginity to Kratos?
May Zeus make that happen that I might fall within his mighty force
Fall into the tangle of the sibilance his beauteous voice of valour
The commands that emit from his gaze alone appeal to me like blue colour
If Kratos would not do may the Princes of Persia fall
O, wind, heed to my words within the course of the waving wave so tall
Take me to my man upon whose breasts my breasts shall sit
in comfort and the butt I have nourished this far he’ll hold like balloons
And the gracious race lying twixt my lap I’ll allow him run in several turns.

© Jodekss ’17

Inspired by Gbemi.

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