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My 2017 Thank You Message To All My Facebook Friends!

I cannot wait for 31st December before I salute you.
I have been here for like four (4) years now.
Met the good, the bad and the ugly.
Many have blocked me because of hard truth on their stats.
I have never blocked anyone.
So many things on my mind
Now that Facebook said I have gotten 5,000 Friends and every other person can now follow
What if my future wife, her father and mother are not my Facebook friends?
I just want to say a very big thank you to each and everyone here. The silent icons, likers, commenters, atheists, christians, ATR, muslims, freethinkers, monitoring spirits, pompous fellows, I know too much icons, I am the best, busybodies, gossips, snippers, witches, wizards, criminals, politicians, assassins, writers, lecturers, teachers, journalists, bloggers, armed robbers, cybercrime icons, prostitutes, gigolos, ✖SARS❌, friends, enemies, colleagues, plagiarists, family members etc
I may not have done anything meaningful for you on this platform, but I truly LOVE you all; your category is not really necessary at this point in time. I love you with my whole heart. I know no one is flawless. We are completely imperfect icons in the journey of life. But, I beg you to turn a new leaf.

You all have been there for me. Like brother Oliver, I will not stop asking for more.
This is a Page I love with every fiber of my existence & it’s always up to date
👉 Pengician & Widestforum:
I beseech you from the depth of my heart to LIKE, FOLLOW, SHARE, & INVITE others to LIKE the Page only if you have not liked, followed, shared, & invited people to like it.

I’m proud to have come in contact with you on Facebook.
I cherish you.
👉Goodnews Andrew Eruemuare a.k.a SIR A-ONE






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