[World Longest Poem] Dr Fixit (stanza 3125 – 3127) By Godwin Inyang

[World Longest Poem] Dr Fixit (stanza 3125 – 3127) By Godwin Inyang

Nigeria, Africa


I’m excited to hear that
From Pa Tortoise and I
Ask him we visit crab
Immediately but then I can’t
Stop thinking of harm past sins
Wouldn’t cause – take care what
You put in the bank today as
Tomorrow for this you’d account.
Pa Tortoise brings his wife
To greet me as his kids
Had all left for school
And then we go check crab.
But we leave through the rear
And only as we pass
The gate I realize the rain
The leaves here and there did dab
With water still dripping down
Though it’d long stopped
Raining – we inch our way
Forward as we head down
The path to go see if crab
Is back in his yacht as
Pa Tortoise says he saw him
Last sailing out of town.

Somewhere along the path sits
A squirrel on a branch
Nipping some nut but he stops
And jabbers when he sees
Leaves shaking as Pa Tortoise
Edges his bulk along;
Now seeing us he drops
The nut and is now hailing,
As I’m thinking, the sage but
Pa Tortoise mutters something
As a puddle his foot sprays.
As squirrel streaks off on
The branches, Pa Tortoise
Asks me: ‘Do you hear what
That naughty fellow says?’

‘No,’ I reply. ‘Well,’ Pa Tortoise
Continues, ‘I had the biggest
Ambition once and gathered,
As I proudly thought,
The entire wisdom of
The world from everyone –
Insects, animals, humans
And spirits and did it knot
And dropped into a pot
And put it on my head with hope
To place it where I alone could
Access it on a coconut.
I then struggled to climb
The coconut palm with thought
I’d gathered all wisdom
And who needs it would
Seek me for it to be bought.



© Godwin Inyang

The world record trek continues!

#POSTSCRIPT : Don’t forget what you read here is first draft and I’m taking time to produce the final draft and put it on the blog – endeavour to look it up. Africa’s biggest poetic fun train rocks on. Stay on board!

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