[Security] Ighoteguolor Bezi raises alarm

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Ighoteguolor Bezi raises alarm:



This is to inform the general public and the security agencies in the state including the Nigerian Army, Nigerian Naval Service, Nigerian Air Force, Nigeria Police Force,Directorate of State Security, etc that the Ijaws have concluded plans to launch an attack on the Aladja community any moment from now.

This call has become necessary because of their penchant for running to the press after any attack on Aladja feigning the oppressed and attacked party.

The information is that they brought in fighters from various places and purportedly sanctified them and told them to attack after the governor’s visit to Ogbe-Ijoh to give the PDP’s Warri South West flag bearer his flag.

All concerned Nigerians, Deltans and the security agencies should note that Aladja cannot and will not sit down and allow the marauding Ijaws to come and kill her people and destroy her properties.

Since the Ijaws have vowed to use violence as a means to seek the settlement of the dispute Aladja will always defend herself against any violent attack. And in the event of any attack ALL should know the aggressor.

A stitch in time saves nine.

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