Responsibility changes us
It moulds us strong as stanas and wild like the beast of the densest forest la Congo
Makes us into worms or vermin whose wobblings and crawl workings
Could make the aged cower like litluns as if in about to the fangs of ’em fiery foxes
Hungry n’ angered up for millennium enough to feed and to revenge
As we grow old in time’s fancies fro enough fears to be not to bold makes bold us
Makes us perceive the troubling throbbing beats of our hearts as we take each pace as we stride each faces marked on the earth
On responsibly us we are tied down to the beds stands thinking, reasoning in fears and prayers to make names
And make names for, for the loved once at all cost for some
At any good cost for few thus no rest in the mind in pulse no pause
No waiting no sleeping too deep no snoring or no snoring too loud not to be lousy
Lest peoples rise up from rug grasses past the mighty mountains’ heights in Africa
My children would be to me the sunflowers and my home with their almonds gray hairs
Would they not expect me to do something soon?
To me would they not ask where lies out foods, coats and shoes and shows and cares in monies worth?
To me would they haul blames and belittling talks down like bombs in the 2nd world one
On my heads then we want to do ritual wealth in the name of responsibility
Oh God forbid so, rather would I prefer my eyes to the vultures
And hands to the crows
And legs for eagle’s grows
But for those who would be fated to
They would thief and lynch to own that which be not theirs that are
Make hard the soft and less the lots and pierced the peace is
And the pieces they fuse and this is
What responsibility, wanting to be responsible could have us do
As man are of no choice of their own to do
Luck is nothing like the grace and the grace is limited to nothing
Something of no value
Be responsible and be cautious I pray for you the graces
Response is acting waiting to do well n’ receive lasting praise is.


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