Powerful Quotations


“Everything makes sense now as nothing makes sense!”

“We all are distinctive by the style of our thoughts. In other words, we are our thoughts, surely.”

“To lead you will need to know how to follow.”

“Nothing’s changed, God’s still the same. It’s human that would come a YES today and a NAY tomorrow.”

“Women are like fragile eggs. So, we should respect them like eggs that are fragile. Women are unique: few of ’em though.”

“Your history made you who you are, what you are.”

“I don’t wanna write poems, stories, etc. that would be scary no more before but now, I am starting to rethink that stand. At times you’d know, little truth can be very scary.”

“The first thing I think my father taught me way back then was to be like Joseph.
Now that am grown am adding to that learning through the burst of Judas.
Again, wealth is not everything my friend and health is a tentative notion.”

“Money cannot make you rich, only your repute could.”

“Vying am I too to survive, keeping my spirit young whilst my body gets older.
We have some things in common, all of us: life and death.”

©Jodekss 2015

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