Harmattan Global Anthem by SIR A-ONE


Pretty daughters of Eve, wake up!
The enemy is here, no more advanced make-up.

The dryer is here
Women’ll oft grumble, ‘it’s not fair’

Slay Queens can’t slay men
Like the lay men

For Solomon’s wisdom’ll open their eyes
To women’s lies

Behind the make-up mask
Where they eat the Parque…

Hard feet
Shore-trooping to join the fleet

The air conditioners now enemies
Walk, work, wake and sleep, we reminisce…

Hunters’ irrational aversion for weapons births Hoplophobia’s train
Only sun in Africa, no rain

The dusty wind
Animals and humans well skinned

The Sahara that blows
The humans that howl

The cold that slap(s)
The bodies that wrap

The clouds that almost drop down
The flight that lays down

No other continent, except Africa— the zone of peace
Enjoys this terror that begins his name with an ‘H’, from me to you, one love; peace.

☞ a dusty wind from the Sahara that blows toward the western coast of Africa during the winter. A season in Africa during the dry season.


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