Pengician publishers are very willing and available to edit, publish, package, and sell your e-books at affordable prices.

Over the years, writers have had problems trying to publish their books. Some have spent alot of resources trying to get their books published, and after they have painstakingly published their books, when you search for such books over the net, you can’t find them in e-book format, and if they are available in e-book format, you will find poorly edited books.

Why spend so much time, energy and resources, trying to produce a book that has little or no impact on the blogosphere, as well as limited reach, when you can reach a large and heterogeneous audience on the blogosphere?

As a 21st century writer, if your works are not accessible on the internet, you have a long way to go, as your target readers have gone digital.

Pengician publishers are here to solve all these problems for you. We can thoroughly edit and publish your books in e-book format, as well as, sell your books on the blogosphere, all at very affordable prices.

Why cry wolf of poor editorials? when we have over ten (10) seasoned editors, who work tirelessly to produce an excellent work for you, and leave a lasting smile on your face?
Give us a try and you wouldn’t regret you did.

You can buy and sell good e-books at:


Edited by Uwakwe Onyekachi Chinomso

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