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Then they said to him, “Please INQUIRE of God to learn whether our JOURNEY will be SUCCESSFUL.” – (Judges 18:5 NIV).

When you WALK with evil people, you end up with evil rewards, but when you associate with good people, you REAP good fruits. Your LIFE is the CHOICE you make, though there might be an exception beyond your control.

So, what choice do you make: to ENQUIRE of God before you decide or you decide and INSTRUCT God to comply, or you ask a JUJU priest to determine your life for you?

Always put everything in God’s hands, be committed and wait for Him to direct you, then your ways will be prosperous.

Today, decide to go to God for DIRECTION, and may God grant you SUCCESS as you do so, in Jesus Christ’s name. Amen.

© OORichie

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