Five (5) Facebook Posts That Do Go Viral With The Speed Of Light


There are some posts that will attract much likes and comments, no matter the situation and circumstance.

Below are 5 posts that will go viral on Facebook without a post boost:

1. Death:
If you lost someone and you make a post about that person with his/her photo, trust me; it must go viral.

2. Happy Birthdays:
Another type of post people love to like and comment about the most is Birthday.
Just upload your picture and ink your birthday wishes to yourself and see a lot of likes and comments.



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3. Abuse a Personality:
Try your best to insult or diss a very popular icon on the internet and see people troop into your comment box. Mind you, insults and praises must entertain you as well.

4. Screenshot and post someone who is asking you out:
If anyone is asking you out via Facebook inbox and you want to make a fool of such a person, screenshot it and upload on your stat and see foolish and wise advice from friends.



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5. Claim to be an Atheist:
Just pretend you’re an atheist and make a post trying to insult God, you’re finished. People will fight on your wall as if God asked anyone to fight his battle for him.





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