A post and a response worth thinking

Here is a post and a response worth thinking. Stumble on this on a WhatsApp group whose name I will not mention for some reasons.


“House lizard known as wall gecko fell into a pot of soup prepared by a housewife unknowingly and killed d woman and her children after eating, please ensure your food, cooked or raw is tightly closed as this animal is highly poisonous; do everything possible to get rid of this dangerous animal from your home. God bless u as u pass this message across to your family and friends.”

“I don’t understand what you mean by practical. But in case you don’t know, wall gecko has always been an important ingredient in native medicine prepared and used in many villages to cure bedwetting in overaged children. So my dear, do not think people have not been eating wall gecko. And as at today, science has not proven that wall gecko is poisonous, so if that story is not a hoax, then autopsy is recommended to discover the true cause of their death. Instead of blaming the innocent creature.”




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