UYLA members attend UPU Conference in Chicago, make case for Urhobo unity Enough of the division in Urhobo land!

UYLA members attend UPU Conference in Chicago, make case for Urhobo unity
Enough of the division in Urhobo land!


Who said Urhobo can never be great again?


Who said UPU is not one of the very best organizations in the world?


Did you read how a single member of the Urhobo nation donated a brand new bus just to help the masses?


Did you read about how one individual in Urhobo gave over a million (N1,000,000) to students who performed brilliantly well in the just concluded Dr Ovie Ughwanogho Urhobo Competition 2017?


Did you know that an Urhobo son set a world record for the “Most time spent surfing the internet {Uninterrupted}?”


Did you know UYLA is the only association in Urhobo land that has been able to do what other associations in Urhobo are still trying to do?


Did you know if you’re endorsed by UYLA as a candidate you can go to bed and sleep?


Let me not bore you with too many questions.


Some high profile members of The Urhobo Youth Leaders Association (UYLA) have been busy in the recent past attending the Urhobo Progress Union (UPU) Conference in Chicago (USA). The conference finally came to an end on Monday.


Some of the members that attended have made case for Urhobo unity.


//Urhobo eh
Orere Ivie esan
(The land with different kings)//

Urhobo land is one beautiful land with over 24 kings. And for some time now, it seems the unity enjoyed in the land has kissed the python.


In the just concluded UPU conference in Chicago, Urhobo sons and daughters who were in attendance witnessed members of UYLA calling for the unity of the Urhobo nation.


“Urhobo Land: We might be very populous, but, that should not be the yardstick to be divided. Unity we stand, divided we crash land in every sense of it.”


The Urhobo Progress Union (UPU) Chicago, is one vibrant affiliate of the Urhobo Progress Union, world-wide. They come down to Nigeria every year for the UPU national conference at Ovwiamuge-Agbarho, while members of UPU here at home do reciprocate the act by travelling to the US for their own conference.


Why will they not flourish in Chicago when we have over 400 Urhobo sons and daughters who are active members of Urhobo Progress Union America (UPUA)?


One Urhobo literati once played with words
“I must go to Chicago
If my wife don’t like it She Can Go!”


The City of Chicago, is the third-most populous city in the United States. And Urhobos can be found in all nooks and crannies.

Pen has spoke!

Let photos speak. See photos for confirmation:



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Be your brother’s keeper!

Render a helping hand to any Urhobo son and daughter who is in need.

Let’s make Urhobo great again.


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