This Loverhood by BEryL

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[Ayanfe and I had a duet last night …it’s long but fun. Enjoy…

I Have been to the stream of knowledge to beautify the complete work of the creation but all was bit of iceberg in the pit of your wisdom,in your beauty I want to swim across the ocean and wag my tails in joy of the taste of your lips
These wishes are no less than vain my chosen star
For this beauty you see is not mine
The complete work of creation does not lay above me
Neither does it rest beneath me

Beauty has no visitors
For the beholder is in charge my pearl,
Your eyes melt the ice of my heart
Spare me the reasons why the creation perfected your image into the glowing sun.

Spear me spare reasons lover man
This beauty you claim mine I don’t see
True it lies only in your iris
Yet I see not this you claim mine
Beryl will spare you reasons this beauty you see is vain
Yet I won’t
Calm lover man and learn the tricks of the dove in piece yet seen in peace
This beauty you see is just a side to the pit of hollows

Tell me,of what benefit is it to see love in the eyes of love?
Of what benefit is it to add water to the ocean?
Of what benefit is it to put a calabash at tortoise back?
My love is pure and true,if you are fire,I will become the dancing water to dry your blaze.

Pardon my arrogance lover man
You are my chosen star turn in twine lines decades back
Your love for me is as ancient as the footpaths to righteousness
Tell me if that is right
My fire your dancing water never can quench
Open your ears to the rancorous rhythms afar
You will see this beauty is only but a fairy
You are my chosen star yet star crossed
Our love is crushed with curse

Beryl,let my star crossed shed it’s light to your brighten laps that bewildered my olfactory down to my oesophagus for indigestion of understanding,
Let me cure the curse with love that’s so pure and so sure,
Let my clutches of love that support my heart locate you before an attack.

Beryl,the rod I bear hold of won’t dig well for strangers to fetch,do not be scared my beloved

Oh beloved fear!
This word now you crush
This fear is my greatest wear like you know
The shadows that held our love cursed
Tell me oh chosen star if your rod will ever stand to bear the day of reckoning
I’m still crushed in love curse beloved
This rod escaped for Juliet when Romeo’s words failed
Of what difference is it now to me

Chosen star…
My heart will melt in your furnace if you relent not
Remember I say
Our love is crushed with curse

The riches of Arabians will all be yours
If you join heart in heart and nail curse.

The Armada of United states will be in your abode
If you promise to stay.

The wine of Germany will overflow the tables of our guest on the alter if only you stick like tissues and not glues.

The beauties of Indian will dance step for your delight and their men will sing songs sang by handsome king that trusted sling of stones in forehead of a giant.

Lion and its ness will be our guide not in Aso Rock or White House but in a gigantic mansion of the amassed wealth of king Solomon.

Falsified crew
Your wealth amaze me not
My riches lie beneath Mississippi
And my wealth? Oh not compared with yours
Bury this glory in your fiery fury
Not your wealth will I ever melt for
Even I am a statue of wealth itself
I am beauty remember not in name but in fame too

Have you forgotten,no beauty without crown.
No audience without clown.
Statue of wealth you say,..
Should I remind you of a minister that coupled wealth of the whole nation but exposed on the run just because she has no crown?

Chosen star
Of what difference is a crown
I have the crown glues to my fore already
Not of a king lost in nothing but of fame and queen beauty
I will just stand a square head in thy palace if I follow your path
I leave no doubt now of our star cross love
Your rod for sure will not stand on the day of reckoning
Romeo failed Juliet again you will for me
Beauty failed Jezebel again it will for me
Our love will not stand till eternity I say
Say me affection this crown is lost forever
But the crown of me stay glued to my fore
You have just hit nature
Oh chosen star we are crushed with curse from birth

I will accept defeat of love not because of the curse
But as a pause
To rekindle the fire burning low to retire
Its strength to fear.

Pardon my arrogance again I say
Where others fail words will cease the throne
Your words are lifting to my soul reviving love long lost
Again I await here on my throne for search of curseless love

Its Time to wave you well,
Know for sure my eyes will swell
Mama long for a bride not the masses ride.
Papa said I shouldn’t be home if I fail to hunt a deer.

Now am going to a jungle where rope is tied to save people’s thought and end their pain and sorrow.

Well happy hunting chosen star
Try not to hunt the haunted so it won’t come back haunting the hunt

The hunt hurt while the hunter is hunted,
Bid me well to chronicles of love and to the passage that love leaves its footprints.

Let me therefore take your request to the goddess of love
And let her spray on you her aura of love that lasts eternity

This I say T
Before I depart to lonesome journey.

In return dream dreamful dreams

Journey of the land doesn’t suit dreams of we.

Who knows if there will be a first feeling of dreams someday till then keep out of fairies

Fairy tales of the moon doesn’t keep fallacy
They better don’t

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By BEryL

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