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[World Longest Poem] Dr Fixit (Stanza 2948 – 2950) By Godwin Inyang

“We live keeping repute, keeping it or not keeping it: we die, it lives on or dies on.”

“Every universe there is shall be beneath our feet my queen.”

“Anything easy can be hard.
Patience is the only theory which
Can see through the two.”

“You’d never get anywhere in the world if you give up so easily.”

“The opposite of love is not hate but indifference from choice.”

“Everyday as my old lineation still alive needing revival though
Already somehow realis within, I feel marble-some immortal so
would we resolve n’ say such my gay’s a grandiose pose
Or I’m enough within the cases of fate’s fares throwing the right dose?”

“We’d lived through today yesterday and we might live through today tomorrow.”

“Life doesn’t necessarily mean death. Love truly is the key to enlightenment.”

“Trust me, at times, it’s okay to ask for help.”

“Be happy, be optimistic and never let anything spoil your joy –be joyful, no matter what. Never let pessimism corrupt your thankfulness.”

“Well no mistakes made everything’s happened accordingly as pre-planned ahead!
Nothing’s inexact exactly – you’d know dunghills give life to maggots kind.”

“Only those who INVEST, INFEST, INGEST the wealth of this nation.”

“I am only as mad as the ‘maker’ who made me!”

“There’s more to everyone, to everything.”

“Well, whatever you want do do it well.”

“Look, you are not my friend my friend if and only if you are not my friend my friend.”

“Life’s coming in to its spindly verity for fairytale in
big books we’d reel as lost to hell or paradise’s we win.”

Jodekss Gloatkenf
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