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Popular Board Games in Nigeria

​Board Games also have a place in Nigeria

Board games are games played on table tops and involve movement of icons, counters or pieces moved on a board or a marked surface. They usually have set of rules and players usually have a goal that they aim to achieve. Board games have proven to be educating and interesting. They sharpen prediction and calculating skills among many advantages.
Let’s take a look at some of them.
1. Monopoly: originated from the US in 1903. This is a business inclined game where players trade property till every player goes broke and only one player remains. The player that remains wins the game. It begins with every player placing the icon they choose in the GO box. Three dice are used with one of the dice having speed quality. It can be played by more that two players.

2. Chess: is a strategy game played by two players on an 8×8 grid checkered mat or board. Each player begins with 16 pieces: a king, a queen, two knights, two bishops two rooks and eight pawns. Every player aims to checkmate the king of his opponent by placing the king in a position where he can’t make a move and can’t be saved by any of the opponents icons. Its played by millions all over the world and is probably the most popular board game in the world. Every icon has a unique move designated for it.

3. Draughts or Checkers: is also a strategy game for two players. Players move their pieces (which are all identical) diagonally and capture pieces of their opponents by jumping over them. The game is won when one player loses all his pieces to the other. There are different variants of the game. The American and Russian variants are played on an 8×8 board, the Singaporean/Malaysian and Canadian variants uses a 12×12 board while the international draught uses a 10×10 board.
4. Ludo: played by two to four players, its a strategy game. It has many variants, but in Nigeria, its is played by taking the tokens of four different variants round the board according to the results gotten from rolling two dice.

What’s your favourite boardgame? Tell us about it as a comment.



Felix Busa Ayuk is a spoken word poet, storyteller, stage rapper, critic, thought leader and evangelical. He offers coaching to teenagers and young people. He is also a member of J19. In his spare time, he does carpentry and cooking. He loves you.