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List of top 40 Pengician World Records (PWR) you can set and win a huge amount of money

1. Best and longest drummer

2. Longest romance ever

3. Most time spent writing

4. Most time spent singing

5. Highest number of bottles of soft drink taken

6. Most time spent laughing

7. Most time spent reading

8. Longest time under water, in a river

9. Longest sex rump

10. Longest time spent running

11. Most time spent talking on phone

12. Longest kiss

13. Longest time spent clapping

14. Longest time spent on a tall palm tree

15. Longest distance walked carrying the battery of a trailer

16. Most time spent weeding the farm

17. Most time spent dancing

18. Longest time spent at a time controlling traffic

19. Highest height jumped in a high-jump competition

20. Most distance traveled on a motorcycle

21. Longest time spent building a thatch house

22. Most time spent breathing with the mouth, while your nostrils are blocked

23. Most back flips

24. Longest length recorded in long jump

25. Longest time spent romancing a person at a setting

26. Highest number of jeans trousers worn by an individual in a given period of time

27. Longest time spent on a studio booth

28. Longest time spent preaching a single sermon on the pulpit.

29. Most posts on a website within 24 hours

30. Most distance walked carrying a bag of cement on your head.

31. Most time spent sucking a lady’s nipple

32. Highest quantity of pawpaw consumed in 5 minutes

33. Longest distance traveled on a bicycle

34. Highest quantity of meat eaten in 5 minutes

35. Highest quantity of EBA taken in 5 minutes

36. Fastest reader

37. Longest time spent producing palm oil

38. Highest quantity of water drunk by a single individual in an hour

39. Longest time spent on make-up by a single individual

40. Loudest noise by a human.



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