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Faith Majemite unleashes venom on motorists in Abraka



Faith Majemite is now a dragon vomiting fire on motorists in Abraka. Most of her victims are lecturers, teachers and council workers she vowed to protect before she assumed office.

She is now a shadow of what she promised.

Abraka in Ethiope east local government area of Delta State, has never been like this. Motorists now pay money for irrelevant concocted offenses from the lady local government area boss, Hon. Faith Majemite.

I once read somewhere
“…The Councils also build and maintain parks and markets, public buildings such as community halls and waste disposal systems. The councils were also known for decent revenue generation to augment the monthly allocations from the Government.

But, in Ethiope East local government, the council seems not to remember their duties.


The Ethiope east local government boss is now a political tormenter, bulldozer, coercer, harrier, hector, insolent, intimidator, oppressor, persecutor, rascal and ruffian. Her newly recruited boys now inflict pains on motorists all in the name of tyrelocking


The Continuity Mantra in Ethiope East and the Tyrelock Madness in Abraka  By Omohwofa Akpedefa


Without fear or favour I stand to say Hon. Faith Majemite is a political hector.

She is campaigning for a second tenure… What are the achievements so far for the first tenure?

In an essay by a fearless Ethiopian, I was able to grab this
“…the ‘offence’ for which these motorists are held result from the local government’s inability to provide parking lots; a situation which clearly shows the ineptitude of the Majemite’s administration.

I felt one good turn deserves another?

One bad turn deserves what?

Is Gov. Ifeanyi Okowa not aware of this barbaric act and art?

Will she send everyone to Jupiter before he calls her to order?

© James Ighotegwono


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