Facts about the Chairmanship race in Udu

Udu Local Government Council has 10 federal wards, and 20 state wards. Udu is divided into Udu South and Udu North. Wards 1, 2, 3, 4, and 8 belong to Udu South while wards 5, 6, 7, 9, and 10 are in Udu North. Udu Elders and Leaders have zoned the Chairmanship to Udu south.

Presently, there are 13 chairmanship aspirants as follows:


1. Chief James Akpowan, from Egini, ward 8, Udu south, he is currently the state Vice Chairman of Sand Dredgers Council.


2. Justice Iyasere from Egini in Ward 8, Udu South; A renowned journalist and was elected a sole PDP candidate for the election by his Egini ward

3. Hon Fred Arutere is also from Egini, a lawyer, Pastor and a former member, Transition Committee, Udu LGC.

4. Hon (Chief) Donald Brosu is from Emadadja, ward 4, Udu south. He is a former Councillor and is being sponsored by Commissioner.

5. Efeturi Sorhue is a USA-based businessman. He is from Owhrode, Udu South. Ward 2.

6. Chief Solomon Kpomah is the incumbent. He is from Otor-Udu. Udu south. Ward 1. He holds a Masters Degree.

7. Hon Johnbull Asun is former Secretary, Local Education Authority. He is from Ovwian, Udu north, Ward 7. He is a graduate.

8. Hon Peter Ogbavbeni is from Okpaka, Ward 5 in Udu North. He is a successful businessman.

9. Hon Esther Omene, current Vice Chairman, Udu LGA. Former Women leader, PDP Udu LGA. She is from Ovwian, ward 7, Udu north.

10. Jite Brown. He is from Aladja, ward 10 in Udu north. He is a very successful businessman. He is one the SSAs to Governor Okowa.

14. A 14th aspirant, Elvis Kporoh is the chairman of the National Union of Roads Transport Workers in Udu.

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