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Eerie by Jodekss Gloatkenf

Caribbean sky’s high
Bright n’ blue
Pleasing n’ naive
Godhead’s deeply glare
Oval n’ parallel
Things being being
Sore causing confusion
For all heads
As they lay
Wake n’ levitate
For know-how intakes
Whilst earth rests
Down pining rejoicing
Taking bones as
Bearing the semblance
Of bearing living
Voices’ sibilance distort
The course of
Our atmospheric phase
As their deaths
Down up being
Beings being bearing
Much being but
Dyadic drums sound
Say so eerily
lousily or lowly
Lots or few
One or naught
Black or white
White or black
Superior or silly
Hale or ill
Gaining or gloated
On or off
Wise or wittiless
Knowingly acting not
Act-nots suffer knowledge
Blindfolded but speak
Lead by seers
Who would see
But wouldn’t commune
Dire or light
Blubbering by… dying
Living in lots
In sickness refined
Whilst the middle,
Inconsistently assuring, [sigh…]
Booms buzz by
Melting mighty mountains
Digging deep dirt
Bones making manures
Up in second –
Mili then millions
Die of one cause
Constantly such as
What go up
Come down (drop)
As entities appraised
From woven firmament
That caused earth
To separate amidst
Waters as water
Mustn’t be envied
Waters though aid
Evil seeds perhaps
No certain raps
The world’s wild
Minced n’ confusing
Off balanced n’
Dazes on opium
Calls us quiet
Gives us light
In darkness’s bright
Whilst in these,
Missed colourful bits
Be around rounding
With chameleonic course
Some mediations were
Needed we wear
With the callings
Bringer of light
Challenging darkly graces
For better places
These theories
Bear stories
Boldly light
Clean shite
Plans horrid
Putting chains
On neck
Gold or
Silver or
Diamond or
Light wools
With cap
Slender trousers
Drunk boy
Bad belle
Fallen fam.
Dancing down
Rapping Ralph
Empty Emmy
In creed
Soaked oughts
No but’s
This theory
is eerie.

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– Jodekss




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