Conversation with Teddy Roosevelt By John (Jake) Cosmos Aller

Conversation with Teddy Roosevelt
John (Jake) Cosmos Aller


One morning I woke up in the White House
I had been summoned back in time

By a mysterious letter I had received
From my hero, Teddy Roosevelt

The letter
Asked me for my advice

And instructed me to go to the white house with the letter
And so, I went and presented the letter

And went through a back door and found myself
Back in 1904 being presented to the President

We spent the afternoon and evening talking about the future past
And the present in front of us

And we worked out the problems of the world

Then I told him of the future world to come
Of the world wars

Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan
Of presidents to come
And of the great events of the future

And he spoke of his fears
That the future would become a nightmare

Of great powerful corporations
Oppressing the little man

Turning everyone into slaves
To the powers that be

And that he was determined to fight
For the little man

And he hoped that it the end
Freedom would have a chance
To flourish in the world

I left
Not wanting to let him know
That he had failed

That the special interests ruled the world
And that soon the world he knew and love
Would become nothing but the dusty myths of history

And I wondered what had happened
Where we had gone so wrong
And whether we would find our way back


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