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A Better Prospect

One peculiar thing about man is his unflinching propensity to hope for the best even in an entirely hopeless situation. He wishes for a perfect world even when it is glaringly unattainable. And so, like everyone else, when asked of what I’d like to see happen in this century, my imagination runs wild and I am thinking a Utopia world where everything is perfect and everything is right with our world.



Continuum of Life by Amaka


I am thinking of a century where there are more job opportunities and graduates do not have to look for job for so many years before finding one or resorting to doing menial jobs just to survive.

I am imagining an age where there is rapid global economic growth. Inflation is on the low, businesses are booming; even the stock market is thriving.

I envision a scenario where the environmental hazards; ozone layer depletion, pollution of the air and water by industrial wastes, are all taken care of and we live in a safer, healthier environment.

I cannot but contemplate on seeing impartiality in courts of law, where justice is dealt out to both the elite and the masses, without exception as to the status, class, wealth or popularity of the defaulter.

I’d like to see an era where bribery and corruption becomes extinct like the dinosaurs whilst transparency becomes the order of the day, especially in the corridor of power.

I’d love to see poverty completely eradicated and the soaring rate of crime reduced to the barest minimum and we begin to enjoy security in our homes, streets and work places without fear.



[Poetry] DEAD ALIVE by Amaka


But, I am also conscious of the fact that without peace, all these desired developments will be like building on a sandy foundation. It is indisputable that peace is the bedrock of a thriving society and therefore should be my first consideration. But, in a situation where there is little prospect for peace, as there are wars being fought everywhere and terrorist groups expanding their scope of dominance by day, it would be quite over ambitious of me to wish for a peaceful epoch, bearing in mind that the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ when we will experience his peaceful millennial reign is yet to be.





So, let’s consider a more realistic aspect. Respect. Someone might ask “What is respect? How is it relevant to making the world a better place?” Well, listen to what I’ve got to say.

Respect as regards the context of this post, is the consideration for the feelings or rights of others. It is having regard for the culture and beliefs of others. It is having the presence of mind to accommodate and tolerate the opinions and views of others, even without agreeing with them.





Imagine a scenario where a Muslim considers the beliefs of Christians without feeling compelled to force them to his own religion. Imagine a scenario where terrorists learn of the value and sanctity of human life and considers it before throwing another bomb. Imagine a world, where people in power, especially politicians, have regard for the wellbeing of the masses before initiating another war. What do you see?

I believe you see a world that is more stable, secure and safe where people of different colors, races, religions, languages, status, beliefs coexist together, even if without agreeing with each other, but each considering, accommodating and tolerating the feelings, rights, beliefs and values of the other.



[Poetry] GONE by Amaka


Now, that is what I’d like to see happen in this century. I believe if we can learn to respect others, accommodate their beliefs and have high regard for the gift of life, we may not have a perfect world yet, but, the world will sure become a better place and the other prospects I mentioned earlier won’t be so hard to achieve.

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