Do I deserve these dearly disses this dis-ease you’ve weighed my heart’s worth worthless; what else?
Pines, reeling regret’s rejection rolls
Lovelorn, heart’s case should be sized first class forum’s pace.

Scion to king’s palace to aught to some silly dog of
A dearthed-up mausoleum off city’s face, further estranged from here to the milky way,
My boo-ful belle n’ my only heaten scion
Poured pretty peppers on my bald head whilst on knees beggin’ to love truly so
To what end please Tankoos?
Do I really really merit all this
Shits for food for the tummy
My minted milk equals sand pit’s malodorous maggots shites
Leave me alone world, sui-cide is my panacea!
O grimmy girl you’ve killed me me a kinky king!
Tankoose zeroed my cent to nothingness…

Jodekss Gloatkenf

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