Sixteen (16) major achievements of for the past 16 months on the Blogosphere

Sixteen (16) major achievements of for the past 16 months on the Blogosphere


When was launched sixteen (16) months ago, the urge to get it popular was something else.


“Wait for your time: Website popularity is not a do or die affair” – SIR A-ONE


The first 3 months was just too poor for us. At times in a week, we do moderate 10-35 comments; and we were so happy about it to an extent.


Tuesday, 1st August, 2017

We were facing the screen for almost 5 hours in moderating comments alone. After 5 good hours of moderating comments, we still have about 25,469 comments PENDING. We are talking about BULK comments moderation.


At the first 3 months of the site, we could publish works that would stay for like 1 week; yet when such topics are searched on Google no result would be found. But, right now; whatever that is published on the site within 24 hours now bounce with joy on Google when searched.


The above never came through with hands akimbo.


Sacrifices were made.

Hunger struck.

Vision almost flew into oblivion.

Debts were paid.

Dues were paid.

Contacts were made.

More persons came into the rescue mission.


Whatever your dream is, don’t expect to get exposure and fortune when you are self-centered. Widen your horizon. Give people platform to do what they know best.


Sixteen (16) major  achievements of for the past 16 months on the Blogosphere:


  1. Pengician Android App

On Google Play Store. To download it on PlayStore, just search: PENGICIAN


  1. Pengician Multimedia Concepts

Fully registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (C.A.C)

Federal Republic of Nigeria



A website added to the fold.

This is a forum where all registered members can post and upload anything for free.


  1. Corporate Accounts with two different banks in Nigeria.


  1. Pengician Browser


Pengician fast browser for android.


Pengician browser: Fast, Innovating & Secure just like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera etc.

On Google Play Store for download on or before August 25.


  1. Tax Identification Number (TIN) from the Federal Inland Revenue Services (FIRS), Nigeria.


  1. Pengician World Records (PWR)

Launched to bring out the very best in humans. You got a record to break or set? Contact Pengician World Records (PWR)

To have your certificate and cool cash after being certified by our Team.


  1. Pengician Got Talent (PGT)

Launched to get the very best in creativity. You have a talent you want the world to know about? Contact

Pengician Got Talent (PGT).


  1. We have been referenced over 6 times by the World’s only Online encyclopedia Wikipedia.


  1. Pengician Multimedia Concepts

Had given two (2) scholarship to secondary school students for two different terms.


  1. Several websites have been reviewed by

Pengician Multimedia Concepts.


  1. Inactive members in the Team have been removed without remorse.


  1. Pengician

Now in World’s Catalog of Creativities

Because, our originality for the past 16 months has never been compromised.


  1. Held a live event tagged: PENGICIAN QUARTERLY BLAST (SEASON 1) at Abraka, Delta State on Friday, 22nd July, 2016 and over 3,000 persons were in attendance.

Watch out for Pengician Blast (Season 2).


  1. Active Team


  1. Sales of E-Books

Pengician is now on sales of E-Books. Authors can now create their portals to sell their books with ease.

On or before August 25.

© Pengician Multimedia Concepts


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4 thoughts on “Sixteen (16) major achievements of for the past 16 months on the Blogosphere

  1. I love your courage.
    Kudos to your team.
    Keep flying higher.

    Please, get a donate button on your site. You’re doing a superb work.

    Don’t relent.

    To God be the glory.

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