See the ants

Of all the things made, after nothingness himself
Things that are seeing seeing things like seeing man seeing seeing sparrows
Some are seen but cannot see like seeing funky fig tree
Tree that is seen cannot see
But bro Darwin developed his own conclusions that looked accursed to
Theologians so he had to be mad to call it all evolution
I do not Darwin but my deary is
A theologian so I support her or she vexes, disses
To halt goodnight hugs n’ her hot kisses.

Man and animals land created God
Ants with there wit and there so social life
Even the blind amid them walk together with the eyed with ease
In procession passing past passages when summer suns
All together altogether while in the winter even
They dig holes together
Feed their queen together
Bourn shoulder-high loads of goods and feeds together
See an ant falsing a dead whale into their tiniest hole
Together they party gulping to stupor dark ale
Chuckle together
Fight together
Arbitrate twixt each in twitter for order
Wobble together
Walk to work together
Sleep in one hole together
Lizards and long legs eat them together
They would always die together
They would always live together
The queen put to bed zillions more altogether
The king is playing with kid ants
The queen tends the thresholds to the workers’ tent
Night tales is done by their chiefs – tarradidle.

If all man can be like an ant
The world will not be ugly like this bad bat
All man are scanner flies fleeced in sheep’ clot.

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