Live & Pause by Uyi Iredia

Pause for a moment and stay your work,
life is not a rush, you sometimes stop,
settle by the way and enjoy a vista,
life throws you a lot, no more to come,

Life is a hustle, but you’ll need rest,
your body needs sleep, or it will drop dead,
I know you have got plans, but stay them awhile,
spend time with your loved ones, and make them all smile,

You have goals set and dreams to achieve,
but take time to be reflective,
think on all your works, your life till date,
and ponder and plan on the next stage,

There was a woman who had her some dreams,
she wished her kids made, successful and sure,
but then she died and things fell apart,
now her son tells you, take some off of life.
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© Uyi Iredia

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