M m…! Pretty packs of priceless praises be onto the leading leader, Lord God
O f the spirit of mankind for beauteous baggage of mighty miracles as every
Y ear’s time’d yonder holds the legendary — birth of my plain queen, quite so I sing:
O , HAPPY… HAPPY… HAPPY… BIRTHDAY to my matter! My merry merrymaking merrymaker Miss Moyosoreoluwa more
S o, whose astounding aura’s has cussed the wide world well wide aback to cease to cruise
O f all the the prettiest things which lay rest upon the earth’s crust: the
R ainbow-hued fields of tulips of Keukenhof Park by at the parting hands of April’s hour to
E very Bryce Canyon: Bryce, Utah Bryce reeked with red rousing rosary ‘range rock pillars, known ashoodoos as
O n your queenly constructs la Pyramids of Giza: El Giza, Egypt’s architect’s uniqueness be for my
L ♥ve for you and you only meets no distance in miles n’ with the world which’s
U s
W e
A re the best match in time’s force n’ for these n’ boundless fervours untold I write — HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you my very queen — much heart!

Jodekss Gloatkenf

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