[Crime] Femi Fani-Kayode (FFK), John Chizoba Vincent, Hilary Aneke, Biafrabuihe Onyebuchi and others react to the Ozubulu Massacre in Anambra State

The story that led to this. Read here:

The fearless advocate of the masses, David Oluwafemi Adewunmi Abdulateef Fani-Kayode a.k.a Femi Fani-Kayode (FFK) and others are not intimidated by lies on the Ozubulu massacre. Hear them

FFK wrote..
The horrific events in Ozubulu town in Anambra state that took place today (06.08.2017) are shocking and barbaric. Dozens of worshippers slaughtered in the Church and at the alter (sic) by unknown masked gunmen.

I do not buy the Fulani Commissioner of Police’s version of events. He finished his investigation in record time and just a few minutes after the event he told us that those behind the attack were Igbos that were involved in a communal struggle which has its roots in South Africa.
I smell a rat here and I suspect that the government is trying to cover up the truth.
Until they show me the evidence I remain skeptical about the Commissioner’s assertion.
I believe that the usual suspects are behind these killings and the fact that they were carried out in a Church just one day after the Hausa song that called for the mass murder of Igbos was released all over the north is relevant and noteworthy.
Anyone that doubts that should read the lyrics of that shameful song and hear what those it was written by instructed their people to do.
This country has become ungovernable and I put the blame squarly on the shoulders of the Buhari/Osinbajo government who have encouraged this godless barbarity by refusing to arrest the Fulani herdsmen that have been butchering innocent people all over the country.
They have also refused to apprehend the Arewa youths who have openly threatened the Igbo with genocide if they don’t leave the north by Oct. 1st..
May God deliver Nigeria!

John Chizoba Vincent
For the Men who went during praises
Let your cups be of cheerful dreams
You are not forgotten in abyss
The glory of death shall be re-shadowed when the storm is over
This is the gullible of the vision-less attribute
For those women who cried Ozubulu! Ozubulu! Ozubulu!

Before death
I have seen your tears wailing
If this is the sand that unite us
Amadioha was insane when it all happened in his sleep…
Our shadow shall always cry
Our nose shall always smell your aroma in the darkness.
This is the cruelty of men of our land
Those who didn’t suck their mother’s breast nine months
Those whose father’s names are cursed
Those whose names bring curse
Those whose mother’s name are of sin.
We cry also, we weep all alone
Go in peace, go in peace men!
For this journey is of shame and sorrow…
Our ashes shall remain on us
And your names shall not be forgotten.
© John Chizoba Vincent


Ozubulu Massacre: Awka – IT was a bloody Sunday in Anambra State, yesterday, as unidentified gunmen invaded St Philip’s Catholic Church, Amakwa Ozubulu in Ekwusigo Local Government Area of the state, killing no fewer than 35 worshippers and injuring scores of others now receiving treatment in different hospitals in the state.

Nigerians and Non-Nigerians react:
@Biafrabuihe Onyebuchi
Engineer at Self-Employed
The same Nigerian Police that couldn’t investigate the killings of southern kaduna & Agatu till now has unravel the killings in Ozubulu Catholic Church in less than 3 hours.
If you are still jumping up as a Nigerian, pls wake up from your sleep.

@Hilary Aneke
Owner at Self-Employed
That is pure lies…. we know what happened forget the information that the police is given, when did they carry out they investigate? Are they present at the time it happened? Very soon the truth will review (sic)……. time will tell


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13 thoughts on “[Crime] Femi Fani-Kayode (FFK), John Chizoba Vincent, Hilary Aneke, Biafrabuihe Onyebuchi and others react to the Ozubulu Massacre in Anambra State

  1. The Police Commissioner is a CASE…

    Only time will tell. You cannot hide the truth forever.
    Justice will prevail pretty soon.
    May their gentle souls rest in peace now and always.

  2. Governor of the state

    He promised that the state government would offset the bills of those being treated and assist in bearing the cost of the funeral of those who lost their lives.

    That is not enough. Proper investigation should be carried out.

  3. So they said Mr. President spoke through his Media personnel
    ” …all Nigerians must rise up and speak with one voice against these remorseless evil men”
    Nigerians are not cowards, please.

  4. FFK should not even try to sell any article of no commercial value here. The handwriting is very clear on the wall as to what led to the sacrilegious butchering.

  5. OZUBULU 101

    The Long lasting smile on my face has faded
    Those gunmen have committed sacrilege
    They turned our blood into wine for mass
    They made us drown in the pool of death

    They made we in ozubulu loose our love ones
    My smile is now plastic and sordid
    Cos my eyes are now ocean of sorrow
    Let this tears not tear us apart
    Even though death made us apart
    Ozubulu must never experience this again


  6. THE REPORT OF THE OZUBULU is something else on the media

    See how the Anambra church massacre was reported:
    The Guardian: 47 killed
    Vanguard: 35 killed
    The Telegraph: 19 killed
    Daily Sun: 11 killed
    Sunrise: Over 100 killed.

    Which one are we to believe?

    God help us.

  7. Its a very shameful act that the acting president is a Pastor , I think RCCG should call him to order……

    What a mess

  8. Just got this from Vanguard:

    Ozubulu massacre: Aspirants besiege Church, hospital
    By Vincent Ujumadu

    AS shocking as last Sunday’s massacre of some worshipers by a gunman at St. Philip’s Catholic Church could be, trust Nigerian politicians to turn every situation to their advantage. Barely few hours after the incident, many governorship aspirants swarmed the scene with long convoy of cars and blaring sirens.
    As disturbing as what happened in that church that Sunday morning could be, many people who were at the scene of the incident still had time to sing praises of the aspirants they admire and support.
    Governor Willie Obiano, the incumbent governor was the first important personality to arrive at Amakwa and despite his efforts to act according to the mood of the day, supporters of his party, APGA, still cheered by shouting ‘Agbakudike global’. Though he appeared not to be in the mood for such compliments, he was forced to wave before going to meet the parish priest of the church, Rev Fr. Jude Onwuaso who briefed him on the incident.
    Indications are that most of the other aspirants would visit the area as soon as they arrive Anambra State.

    By Somuadila Ugwummadu

    Following different versions of false news peddled by the Nigerian media and most regrettably, respected individuals, to narrate the very unfortunate incident that happened at St Philips Catholic Church, Amakwa Ozubulu, We, in our culture has dug out the details of this event and how it deteriorated to the August 6 massacre.

    Aloysius Ikegwuonu (Bishop), presently a drug baron in South Africa, was born in 1981 to the family of Chief Ikegwuonu, Amakwa Ozubulu. He grew up in a very poor home and often helped his mother who trades at Orie Akpu market, Off Ugwu Orie Bus Stop, Amakwa Ozubulu. ‘Aloyee’ as fondly called by his friends in his early youth stage, first came to limelight in 1999 when he became the senior prefect of Comprehensive Secondary School, C.S.S., (formerly College of Basic Studies, C.B.S.) Egbema Ozubulu; a school founded by Reverend Father Nwabaju Izuchi, a United States based Catholic priest.

    Right after his secondary school studies which he finished after his May/June WASSCE examination in the year 2000, he traveled out to South Africa on March 2001 where he became a multi millionaire within his first four (4) months of his stay there. He came back nine (9) months later (December 2001) and splashed his money around. This was the first major drug deal advert in Ozubulu, a land formerly known for the bravery of her indigenes, tranquility and high moral standards. (This seed Aloyee planted did not take time to bear fruits.)

    With this, Aloyee attracted many friends to himself especially his school mates at C.S.S.. They indicated interest to serve him and do whatever he wants them to do as long as they will end up as ‘successful’ as he is and as quick as he made it. There was an exodus of Ozubulu youths to South Africa between the years 2004-2007. With these many people around him, Aloyee who had adopted the name ‘Bishop’ in South Africa needed someone he could trust better. He went for his best friend in the aforementioned secondary school, Ginika Nwoke.

    Ginika, alias Giniyee, hailed from Mbaise in Imo State; he is an orphan and the only child of his parents. He grew up with his uncle, Ite Ego (a butcher at Orie Akpu market, Ugwu Orie Ozubulu) all through his childhood and adolescent age. He gained admission to study Psychology at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka in the year 2001 and was living at an unpainted two storey building, a lodge for students, about 100 meters from Unizik temporary site junction. Due to pressure from Bishop, he abandoned his university education just after his 200 level. Giniyee’s room mate at the University was Nonso Ewulu, alias Ajagara Igwe, who studied Political Science in the same university 2001-2005. Ajagara Igwe was also Giniyee and Bishop’s classmate at C.S.S. Ozubulu.

    Bishop’s notorious act began with his own mother. He allegedly sacrificed his mother (who had rejected his ill wealth) to occult group. This allegation seemed more truthful when he refused to raised a stone at his mother’s grave. Bishop leveled his father’s home with an interlocking tiles months after his mother’s death and till today, you cannot identify his mother’s grave in his father’s compound.

    To douse this rumor, Bishop engaged in an aggressive philanthropic aid. He renovated most churches at Ozubulu (particularly St Michael’s Catholic Church, Amakwa Ozubulu) the Igwe’s palace and instituted a charity foundation. He also penetrated the state government, donates to the state police and the local vigilante groups.

    These events were happening so fast, Bishop was audacious, intimidating and energetic. His friends that traveled to South Africa had started complaining about him: his intimidation and oppression; killings had started; it has become the survival of the fittest, the jungle of beasts. More than six (6) people had died, all from Anambra State in some misunderstanding between Bishop’s group of drug cartel and many more groups of drug cartel in South Africa. Even at this stage, no one took any information about Bishop so seriously. Life went on and on and on.

    The peak of this crisis was in a clash between Bishop and his best friend, Giniyee. Bishop claimed he handed Giniyee a package (hard drug) to deliver to a buyer but ended up with some cooked up stories with the intention of duping him. Giniyee denied this, but stated that Bishop’s enemy ambushed him at the point of delivery (in what seemed more like a set up) and made away with the package -a package worth hundred of millions of naira.

    It got so heated that it was reported to the Igwe of Ozubulu who summoned the two with their families and pleaded for all to exercise patience till the truth be revealed. Bishop rejected Igwe’s verdict and swore that “isi ga ada” (meaning that ‘head must fall’) within some months if his money is not remitted back to him.

    Few months later, the stunning news broke out, September 2015, Ginika Nwoke was shot died in the city of South Africa, the only child, an orphan with a wife and a little girl was killed. An Igbo adage says that “ihe mee onye ara, i mara na onwere mmadu” (meaning that when something happens to a mad man, you will know he has people). Mbaise indigenes made it clear that the only thing that will suffice them is a revenge, Bishop must be killed or a total war against Bishop and his kindred.

    Situation started to deteriorate; between October 2015 and March 2017, Ozubulu youths were gunned down on monthly basis in South Africa. The owner of Vacarmata (located around Michael Junction, Egbema Ozubulu) Mr Obinna Ebuzeme, Mrs Nchedo (Nkwado’s wife) and many others, especially the alumni of C.S.S. have been killed.

    Since then, Bishop attends occasions with over 50 security personnels, very intimidating entourage, but Mbaise indigenes had not given up. In this latest event, he came back July 2017, he is still being tracked. Investigations revealed that he was to be gunned down on Sunday, August 6, 2017 at St Philips Catholic Church, Amakwa Ozubulu, a church he built himself, from the foundation to the roof. Mysteriously, he got the news and escaped from Amakwa at mid night (Saturday, August 5, 2017).

    The killers invaded his church still assuming he was there, opened fire and killed more than a dozen people. To prove it was targeted and purposed to get at Bishop, Bishop’s father ran away the church building with a bullet shot but the killers chased after him and shot him severally to ensure he dies.

    We should all take responsibility. Rather than caution Bishop and reject his wealth, he was celebrated and most regrettably, by churches and others. We also believe that Igwe Ozubulu should have done better. This matter tarried for too long. It does not take a lot to set up a peace committee between Ozubulu and Mbaise. With this recent massacre, the death toll on Bishop’s case has risen to over 40 people from 2015 till date.

    From report, this notorious Bishop has stepped on many toes. This particular attack might not necessarily had come from Mbaise people. Many groups are chasing after Bishop. Hence, we advice Ozubulu elders to ostracize Bishop indefinitely till this matter is resolved.

    Churches, the state government and individuals should dissociate themselves from Bishop to discourage our younger generation from desperation for wealth. Any bill board with his image at Ozubulu and environs should be taken down immediately.

    We also entreat Ozubulu and Mbaise elders to set up a reconciliation committee. Ginika Nwoke’s family must be approached with all humility, sincerity and respect; not because we believed Ginika’s testimony but because we want peace to return to Amakwa Ozubulu for the sake of the innocent ones and Igbo tribe at large.

    There is no amount of killings that will bring back the dead, rather, will provoke each other towards more killings. Therefore, any other group that feels aggrieved towards Bishop’s action should be directed to Igwe Ozubulu for more and more reconciliations.

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