black Wars

Let me agree making my accrue we war ’cause warrings sore sweet
The oozing of red oil and the sweat
To survive the heat
We found full folliness in wars.
Or what I say so again worth me a psychological noise maker!
You too listen to elders; noise, statesmen; wagglings like a sprinkler
Who had lost his white ways to way a loosened way
Or what do you call it when they treat truism to tinge in daily papers?
They tell it, it was over zillions of millenniums past
To the true truth of it!
Another bulbous butts bombs are going off
Running beyond their big mystified ramparts
Another rounds of choppers rounds feeding souls their desired desserts
In one of prolix Arabian desert
Africa – she, afraid to see another day, she, sickly since the heart she’s is cancered-up
Filled with fine lahar doing dire processings fine-fine
And match passes in swift swaggers
So, now they have just stamped another ammunition like the twefties past
Governments right?
Ravens, tons of true liers
In fliers fleeced with dovish attires
Ordinary ordinances given ordnances like pupils popsicles
This is a beautious world we believe it of cause
The zombied amid her nine sisters of cause
Where worthy babies in sacks hold guns shedding bloods for fun
Who would… this young one need a warn
Elders brainwashed ’em so
They bought us tons of ton
Do they not give gun?
They do and gaunt back to their bed of lies
After silly smirks n’ choking chuckles
With fake cries to the television
Well, the day we stop to fight wars in a wicked world like this
The day the world herself had to have fallen flat like this
To arid grounds nah like the pebbles of a fatty fowl: poor something else
As they make us, we kill one another of cause
The reason they still have us alive this far of cause.
I am not so sure
I am so sure.
Something is sure
No, not now when our oil will not save us anymore.


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