I don’t know how to begin, this thing —
to praise you,
To thank you…
Okay, I praise you
Okay, I thank you
for you are the miracle — the lioness (lol…) my aide-de-camp
who wears wonders worth n’ has convinced me miles apart in math
Oh! Wait Miss my splendid: should I praise you like “Naeth”?
No, you better her in beauties in multiple of ninth
You are my Miss world, Mother Milky Way and the queen of the Paradise to meet
As you ageing
You increase in your Queenie
with diamond smiles
Smile again my queen, blow (me) the world with your bliss from miles
Chocolate in complexion, cute n’ lovely n’ light like light light
Brainy belle, whose aura always holds the world down
Commanding kings and queens to doff their pompous crown
You are the one I’ve awaited for millenniums gone
Under whose sun my sorrows have got torn
Not only that
But also that
Habitudes you keep, are the best ones to me–
Beauties will always come and fade away soon like flames do
Good hearts don’t change like fine faces do
[Like our skins chocolate indeed as we have seen today always seem
Like our teeth today always perzactly beam
Like our swiftness of our sight will also wear out in grace
Like your curves now always team which makes me move closing in pace]


Your conscience’s angelic
And that Grace’s your feet, supersonic
This quality qualifying your Queenie being, time cannot repeal
As my angel with the luminous iris and pupil and eyes
My rare fervour is for you as only you have merit’d my price
Mm… for this verses shall be forever on the net for you
I am taking this time out to remind you,
I love you!

Jodekss Gloatkenf

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